The new part of "Harry Potter" appeared in torrents

    Yesterday, five days before the start of sales, photos of every page of the seventh part of the Harry Potter novel appeared in torrents. Initially, two torrents appeared on with photos of the American version of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. However, after some time, the site administration deleted them.

    Not surprisingly, both torrents quickly appeared on mininova and other torrent trackers (soon the torrent was deleted on mininova). One of the “tightened” torrents contained photographs of dubious quality only in the first 495 pages (out of about 800), but the second included the entire book. Now the book can be found on almost all trekkers, including the notorious The Pirate Bay .

    By the way, according to the Canadian newspaper The Globe And Mail, publishers of a book in Canada publicly asked users who downloaded a book to keep the end of the book secret. Naive?

    via TorrentFreak

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