Talking doubles

    Gizmoz social network based on portrait recognition technology followed by 3D modeling and animation. A new participant is invited to upload a portrait photo to the site, choose a hairstyle, makeup, body, clothes, or take a finished character - for example Paris Hitton or Borat.

    By creating your character, you can make him speak and move.
    It is enough to record speech from the microphone, enter text, or select a workpiece from the proposed replicas. Moreover, the typed English text Gizmo will read with expression and quite appropriate facial expressions.
    The created character can be placed on another site using the widget. There he will broadcast on your behalf, collect video comments from visitors that they can leave using the same widget. And for this they do not have to register.
    Even with the help of a plugin, the character can be installed in Skype, where he will speak in the voice of the owner.
    And finally, you can build social connections with other participants in the system - communicate, comment, vote for other characters, in general, become an active user of the Gizmo network.

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