SAPE is much better than XAP!

    Firstly, it is IMHO!

    + everything immediately in $, that is, you can immediately see how much the site brings
    + cool auto mode
    + money can be withdrawn at any time when accumulating $ 10 in the account
    - sometimes the system is down
    - does not support the Cyrillic alphabet in the URL, I had to intervene in the system code
    This by the webmaster, not the advertiser! Personally, I recommend it.

    + a huge number of participants
    + pages are quickly filled with links
    + supports the Cyrillic alphabet in the URL
    - it’s awkward to be an advertiser because for a very long time sites put links to the project
    - they use KSAPs, not BACKS, it’s very inconvenient
    to display ksapy with their exchange first in bucks is very inconvenient and long
    - once ordered a withdrawal, I'm waiting for 3 weeks!
    This is from the side of the advertiser and the webmaster.

    I have been working with both systems for about 2 months, in SAPE I earned more than $ 600, and in XAP 40,000 kaps, but I did not display them, I use them to buy links on the system’s sites ...

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