Schools moved towards opensource

    The program for delivering licensed software to schools developed by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications was criticized by the Ministry of Economic Development to the last. For the state (which is obvious) it is cheaper to purchase free software, although, according to the assurances of the developers of opensource products, it will not be possible to quickly transfer all schools to it.

    On April 28, Andrei Sharonov, Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance stating that the measures proposed by the Ministry of Information and Communications threaten to create a monopoly position of suppliers, primarily Microsoft, on the Russian market.

    According to the Ministry of Information and Communications, Linux systems plus office software packages will cost the state 150 rubles per PC per year, and the annual cost of purchasing and supporting Windows will cost 353 rubles per PC (taking into account MS Office, MS Visual Studio and MS Front Page programs ) But, having chosen Linux, the state will have to spend another 50 million rubles on the development of a separate version of the OS, taking into account the peculiarities of the educational process in Russian schools, a ministry official warns.

    Nevertheless, the process is moving towards the opensource, and it becomes clear why the special services organized the business of Alexander Ponosov.

    via Vedomosti

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