Riot police blocked the way for flash mobers

    So we got to flash mobs. The people in LiveJournal agreed to gather this Sunday on Christmas Boulevard in the center of Moscow with the aim of conducting an “excursion to the places of military glory of OMON. It was planned to go along the route of the “March of Dissent,” dispersed by law enforcement agencies the year before last Saturday, and to hear the recollections of eyewitnesses. This time no demands were made, no posters were posted, that is, what was happening was not a political action - just a walk or an excursion.

    However, the authorities were again scared. Significant OMON forces were brought up to the venue of the flash mob - according to eyewitnesses from LJ, for 20 protesters there were 1,000 police officers. Fortunately, the sightseers were not beaten, but still they were in every way disturbed, and five people, including the well-known human rights activist Lev Ponomarev, were arrested.

    “On Sunday, activists from several opposition youth organizations agreed to organize a“ flash mob ”action on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard - a regular walk“ without posters, slogans and rallies. Arrangements to stroll along Rozhdestvensky Boulevard, the places of military glory of the riot police, youth organizations reached on the Internet. It turns out that the usual walk also causes concern among law enforcement agencies, “- the chairman of the Moscow-Helsen Group Lyudmila Alekseeva is indignant. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first case of law enforcement agencies hitting flash mob participants.

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