Digg released Digg API and Flash application toolkit

    Along with the release of the Digg API and the Flash application toolkit, Digg announces a competition to create the most spectacular and innovative visualizations and Flash animations using these tools.

    The Digg Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to create programs to extract basic data from Digg.com . The information received can be easily integrated into the application or web site. Digg API is available free of charge subject to acceptance of the user agreement.
    The API accepts REST requests and provides data in XML, JSON, Javascript, and serialized PHP formats. In addition, the PEAR module is available for PHP.
    Digg Flash application toolkitIs a collection of ActionScript 2.0 classes that can be used to create spectacular visualizations of Digg data, similar to those seen in Digg Labs .
    Entrants must use the Digg API and Flash tooklit to create work in Adobe Flash and Apollo. Works must be submitted before 8 pm on May 16. The competitive jury will consider all the works and select 10 finalists.
    Selection Criteria:
    use of Digg API;
    spectacular demonstration of data;
    On May 24, the work of 10 finalists will be posted on Digg.com in the Design category and registered Digg users will be able to vote in a week.
    Unfortunately, only permanent residents of the USA who have reached 13 years of age can take part in the competition. For participants under the age of 18, the consent of a parent or guardian is required to participate in the competition.

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