"Advertising on Habr" or "From where legs grow"

    It all started with what I read about the new release of the Opera. The topic was written about the possibility of blocking content. I decided to experiment on Habré. I completely forgot that my Outpost cuts everything. Accordingly, instead of advertising, I saw [AD] with a link. I decided to see what kind of link.

    Stumbled upon members.pink.futurico.ru
    From there on madbanner.ru
    And then on madgroup.ru

    At the last by the way here is such an entertaining text:

    1. Banner exchange technologies.
    2. Technologies for managing royalties .
    3. Creation and development of content management systems:
      • cms;
      • integration;
      • support for content providers.

    4. Salvation of the world of honor of Russia.
    5. Tuning tambourines.

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