“Giving” in advertisements increases CTR 4 times

    Yandex reported on a study in its blog that words such as “ free (free), give, free, cheap (cheaper), affordable, coupons, preferential, inexpensive, gift, sale, discount, reduced, hurry, freebie, freebie »Increase the number of clicks on advertisements.

    So, ads with the word “ discount ” in the headline or in the text are clicked at an average higher 3 times. Mentioning the word “ give ” in the title and in the text you will increase the number of clicks by more than 4 times. Using this word only in the title or only in the text, the CTR increases approximately 2 times.

    Yandex concludes: “In general, practice confirms the theory: potential buyers show an increased interest in advertising that promises gifts and discounts.”

    The table of the most attractive words and the change in CTR .

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