A little about media content: service fees

    After reading a record criticizing DRM , I caught myself on one interesting thought. I will share with you, it will suddenly be interesting.

    Mass content should not be sold and bought - it should be available for free - you need to sell related services . For example, with music: it can be a convenient interface for searching and selecting albums / songs, a good channel for downloading, many delivery options, including on various media. And the authors need to make deductions precisely from such services, since their free (!) Works are used to make a profit.

    The harsh realities of the Internet and Runet are such that almost any music, clip, film can be found on its own and without purchasing it, but it will take time, nerves and traffic, plus as a result there will be no guarantees of recording quality, as well as delivery (speed download). Moreover, it is illegal at the moment. BUT! Indeed, many people do not want to have problems finding and wasting time, but they want to have a guarantee of receiving a record in good quality and on time - you can and should pay for it. And they pay for it.

    Is this the future?

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