Bing blocked in China

    Bing remained the last western search engine (from large) available from China. She complied with all the requirements of the authorities and removed the forbidden information from the search results. But it did not help. It was also blocked yesterday by the government’s order, FT reports : “This type of DNS violation [referral to] is usually a very literal way that the Chinese government tells foreign technology companies to go home,” wrote Yuan Yang, a local correspondent. Ft.

    Microsoft has confirmed that the search engine is not available in the country. Now the company determines the next steps in the current situation.

    The first messages about the inability to connect to the Chinese site Bing ( appeared on social networks yesterday. Microsoft said it was investigating the situation.

    Two FT sources confirmed that Bing is blocked by government order. One source explained that the blocking order was received by China Unicom, one of the largest public telecommunications companies in China. Now, when you try to connect to, a DNS error appears.

    According to StatCounter statistics, as of December 2018, Bing occupied 2% of the Chinese market, significantly behind the Baidu leader from 70%. Although Bing’s share is scanty, after the ban of all Google services in China (except Google Translate translator), Microsoft’s search engine remained the only major western search service in China. Now from normal foreign search engines only Yandex works.

    Google blocked in China in 2010. Since then, the company has tried several times to return and even secretly developed a special version of the search with censorship for China, but when the information was revealed, Google had to abandon the Dragonfly project because of the mass protests of its own employees . “I know that people in Silicon Valley are really smart and really successful because they can solve any problem they encounter,” commented Bill Bishop, a digital media entrepreneur with experience in both markets , about the situation . “But I don’t think they ever encountered a problem like the Chinese Communist Party.”

    In addition to Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many other sites are banned in China, and the channels abroad are so thin that there is a problem to pump out even a few megabytes from Western hosts. It is said that Chinese students who manage to escape abroad at first watch YouTube for days at a time.

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