The bottle that condenses the water from the air will soon go on sale

    Back in January, Geektimes published information about a bottle of Fontus, which is able to condense moisture from the surrounding air. Moreover, the "performance" of this bottle is quite good: 0.5 liters per hour in ideal conditions (this is a humidity of 80-90% and a temperature of 30-40ºC). It all works due to condensation. The developer uses a set of hydrophobic surfaces that repel water. When the bottle moves, the water condenses on these surfaces and then flows into the bottle. Such a bottle, according to the author, can be used by cyclists - the air at speed passes through the surface of the "trap", and gives up water.

    The developer has created a second bottle model for pedestrians. This bottle acts in the same way, it is only equipped with a fan that drives air through the filter and condensation chambers. In the chambers, air and water are cooled, which results in the formation of condensate that flows into the same bottle. The model can be used by tourists, sailors, climbers, fishermen, etc. It is also possible to dissolve various vitamins and mineral supplements in water.

    The bottle models are called Fontus Airo (with fan) and Fontus Ryde (for cyclists). For the first model, the source of energy is solar panels. And in a bottle for cyclists, energy for coolers is generated by the movement of air while cycling.

    The developer launched a fundraising campaign for his bottle on Indiegogo , and in a matter of days he collected six times more money than he had expected. And before the end of the campaign another month, so that the real fees should be even more successful. Bottle deliveries to customers are scheduled for April 2017.

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