GitHub Package Registry will support Swift packages

Original author: Simina Pasat
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On May 10th, we launched a limited beta test of the GitHub Package Registry, a package management service that makes it easy to publish public or private packages next to the source code. The service currently supports the familiar package management tools: JavaScript (npm), Java (Maven), Ruby (RubyGems), .NET (NuGet), Docker images, and much more.

We are pleased to announce that we will add Swift package support to the GitHub Package Registry. Swift packages make it easy to share your libraries and source code in your own projects and with the Swift community. We will work on this in partnership with the guys from Apple.

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Available on GitHub,  Swift Package ManagerIt is a single cross-platform tool for assembling, running, testing and packaging Swift code. The configurations are written in Swift, making it easy to set goals, advertise products, and manage package dependencies. Together, the Swift Package Manager and GitHub Package Registry make it easy for you to publish and manage your Swift packages.

For mobile developers, it’s important to have better tools to be more productive. With the development of the Swift ecosystem, we are pleased to work with the Apple team to help create new workflows for Swift developers.

Since the launch of the GitHub Package Registry, we have seen a strong community involvement in working with the tool. During the beta period, we seek to learn from the community how the Package Registry meets various needs and what we can do to make it better. If you have not tried GitHub Package Registry, you can  apply for a beta here .

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