Sony Xperia 10 review

Japanese classics in design, curious ergonomics of a “cinema” display and pleasant trifles such as FM radio and NFC in the Xperia 10 smartphone are combined with a confident technical base in terms of performance, shooting quality and autonomy. Even if this smartphone has already been sold on the Russian market for several months, it will not be out of place to talk about it not only in the form of the March announcement of prices and basic characteristics , but also in a more detailed review. So, the focus is on the representative of the middle class smartphones Sony.

So far, on the market, there has not been a consensus on what to do with the camera, speakers and sensors in smartphones with frameless screens, our designers profess the classics. In the Sony Xperia 10, the sides and bottom of the case are framed by very thin frames, and on top the area is wider. Because of this, the smartphone slightly increased in height, but here there is a normal display, without curly interference in the content. It would seem a traditional solution, but compared to others, now it looks unusual and helps the smartphone stand out.

The Xperia 10 display is covered by a durable protective glass Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The case itself can be chosen from four colors: black and silver classic, as well as dark blue and pink. Traditionally for Sony, a smartphone in the hand is convenient. The case is thin (8.4 mm) and does not bite into the palm with its edges due to its small rounding. On the sides, as usual, there is a tray for SIM-cards and a memory card, a screen power button and volume buttons. And the fingerprint scanner returned to the side panel, it is made as a separate module with a finger-friendly protrusion.

The back is symmetrical: there is a flash on top, a dual camera module and an NFC chip with the corresponding mark, in the center of the Sony logo, Xperia inscription on the bottom. Increasingly, identification marks are now only on the back panel - in the smartphone market this is a victory of designers over marketers, because users hardly need to always have a reminder about the manufacturer before their eyes. But those around you - let them know what kind of apparatus lies in your hand.

The Xperia 10 is large in height, this is because of the cinema screen with 21: 9 proportions. Here are the specifications: 6-inch diagonal, Full HD resolution, IPS matrix type. Movies and TV shows in this format look spectacular due to the fact that they occupy 100% of the screen area without black bars. And if you turn on the video with proportions of 16: 9, the emptiness on the sides does not interfere. Surviving its presence is easier than if you have to lose useful area vertically when viewing 21: 9 on a conventional display.

However, the Xperia 10 display has advantages not only in the trend for mobile video. With proportions of 21: 9, more content is visible on sites, in social networks, text editors, to-do lists and other applications. In addition, multitasking works better. Equally divided applications on the screen display better and contain more content than when using displays 18: 9 and 16: 9. In addition, the Xperia 10 display can split the screen so that one application is displayed in the classic 16: 9 format (for example, a music video) and at the same time there would be enough space for the second application. More icons are also placed on the home screen, which means there is a chance to collect all the shortcuts and folders in one place and get rid of the need to scroll. There is something to offer mobile gamers: Fortnite, Asphalt 9, Arena of Valor, World of Tanks Blitz and some other games have received optimization for such display parameters and open in full screen. And with the increase in the size of the six-inch panel vertically, its width also decreased, so that the smartphone is easy to control without the help of a second hand. The fair point is that this complicates access to the items at the top of the display, but it compensates for the Side Sense sidebar with icons and quick settings, as well as an activated one-handed control mode with an offset interface.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 processor with 3 GB of RAM is responsible for the performance. This is a middle class solution that is enough for any task. The Android 9.0 Pie interface here works responsively and smoothly, applications run instantly, you can play everything, though for the most demanding games it’s better to set the average graphics settings. 64 GB of memory is available for photos, music, application data and other information. If not enough - there is microSD support up to 512 GB. The set of wireless connectivity interfaces includes a dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 module, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, Google Cast and a GPS + GLONASS bundle. For charging and data transfer uses a symmetrical USB Type-C.

The main camera is dual, consists of 13 and 5 megapixel sensors manufactured by Sony. The first is for everyday shooting, the second is responsible for portrait mode. It supports recording photos and videos in 21: 9 format, shooting video in 4K and slow motion 120 frames per second, for photos there is also HDR, hybrid autofocus and the ability to set ISO to 12,800. In dry numbers, the matrix of the main sensor has a size of 1/3 inches with a pixel of 1.12 microns, an aperture of F / 2.0 and a viewing angle of 76.4 °. In the portraitbook there is a 1/4 inch matrix with 1.4 μm pixels, F / 2.4 optics with an angle of 87.9 °. The front camera has a resolution of 8 megapixels, a 84 ° wide-angle lens, F / 2.0 optics, HDR photo capture, SteadyShot digital stabilization and a flash display.

Sony's smartphones have always paid a lot of attention to sound; the Xperia 10 is no exception. The official website lists many different technologies. We have chosen the main thing that the buyer needs to know: the presence of High-Resolution Audio support for wired headphones, as well as LDAC and Qualcomm aptX support for high quality when listening to music in Bluetooth headphones. By the way, the smartphone has support for FM-radio, which is now not so common, but very much appreciated by some users.

Finish the autonomy of the device. The Xperia 10 has a 2870 mAh battery. Not enough by today's standards, but there is a trick - Sony engineers are able to make sure that even the batteries installed in their smartphones open up one hundred percent and can hold a charge for a very long time. They are also very hardy over long distances and resist well the loss of power over time. The Xperia adaptive charging, Battery Care function and Smart Stamina mode are all responsible for this. USB Charging Technology delivers fast charging.

By the way, in the same format, Sony has another smartphone - Xperia 10 Plus. This model has a half-inch larger display (6.5 "diagonal), a Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor in combination with 4 GB of RAM, more advanced dual main camera modules (12 + 8 megapixels) are used, and it costs more to compensate for more power consumption powerful battery with a capacity of 3000 mAh. You can

buy Sony Xperia 10 smartphone in the Sony Store Online and in the network of Sony Center branded stores. Also, smartphones are available from partners: Svyaznoy, Euroset, M. Video, DNS, Megaphone and KNOW- HOW: At the time of publication, Xperia 10 costs 19,990 rubles. s.

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