Barcamp - the first public event in the village

    A couple of weeks ago we announced on the habr’s opening in the village of the site # hutorium , designed for summer intellectual events. This weekend on it was the first public event - an intellectual picnic BarCamp on 300+ people

    BarCamp - an annual event in the open air, which consists of a series of multi-format performances on social themes. Last year, the Kirov barcamp was held at a regular recreation center, “sharpened” for weddings, banquets and anniversaries - which creates an atmosphere that is not the most appropriate for such an event.

    Therefore, when the organizers turned to us with a proposal to hold a barcamp-2019 in the village, we tried to create the most suitable space for them in spirit - cozy, creative and atmospheric.

    A small section of the coast, heavily overgrown with hogweed, was allocated under the site. In its place, we planned to fill the beach, build a pier and organize boats, make lawns and paths, conduct all communications, provide bathrooms and showers, build a kitchen and a hall for cafes and parties. At the same time, it did not work to start construction in winter - it was necessary to wait for the snow to melt in order to study the terrain, "feel" the place and start the architectural design.

    Unfortunately, the agreements previously reached with the architect fell through, and it was not possible to find a new architect at the beginning of the active season - especially given the most severe deadline. I had to design the entire territory "on my knee", and create it in an unrealistically short period for such a volume of 45 days.

    Oddly enough - judging by the reviews of the barcamp organizers and participants - it turned out unexpectedly well. Why? There seem to be two reasons for this phenomenon.

    Unfinished as a design element

    One of the most fashionable styles of our time is the loft. In fact, it is unfinished. A brick wall without plaster, a concrete surface, a lack of a ceiling and a view of utilities are now accepted as a tribute to fashion and style. It seems that people get tired of smooth licked surfaces and classic decor, and in places of informal parties they want to see the essence of objects, rather than their external design.

    That damn good thing played into our hands. For example, we just physically didn’t have time to close the floor in the half-open hall of the cafe - it was covered with an ordinary inch of not the highest quality, which we planned to cover with plywood and tinted with special impregnation.

    As a result, this pile of plywood remained on the stupidly jagged uncoated floor from a cheap inch. During the barcamp, several people came up to say how great you came up with the floor, what a bold aesthetics and decisiveness in it. An ancient Soviet-style rug was thrown onto a pile of plywood, obtained for free from some apartment of acquaintances, from which trash was thrown away - and it turned out to be a fashionable seat on which people were constantly and everyone took pictures. It is not completely clear what to do with it now - to sew up the floor after all or not.

    Decor is more important than architecture

    Less than 24 hours before the launch of the barcamp and the arrival of the first buses, we posted on Instagram a short video about the current state. Everything looked, frankly, not a very finished product.

    There was no furniture, a bar, entrance stairs, doors were not installed everywhere, the window supplier forgot to put in some of the components, the lights did not work, water was not connected in the toilets and the kitchen. It seemed that only minimally necessary engineering things could be managed, and everything would look terrible.

    But in the evening, reinforcements arrived - a team of volunteers who decisively transformed the room and the exterior overnight. What is characteristic, the team was predominantly female. Without any design projects, architecture and preliminary design. Having as inputs a bunch of old things from some apartments and the mountain of pallets, as well as labor - selected two pairs of men's hands,

    results significantly exceeded expectations. Of course, all participants in this night hackathon had a “blurred” look, and we could no longer understand whether it was good or bad. But the feedback from the organizers and visitors from the first bus arrived allowed me to breathe out - people noted only details and comfort, and did not pay any attention to obvious jambs - for example, an unshielded pediment.


    Perhaps a combination of these two principles is the most reasonable and correct way to build some kind of creative spaces in modern realities. Use the cheapest building materials to create the roof, and then transfer the initiative to women's hands, providing them with randomly selected material for the decor.

    If this article gains more than 50 pluses, we will try to put this approach into practice - we will make a separate room for the lecture hall from the croaker in general, and share the result.

    Some interesting solutions

    In conclusion, I would like to share some interesting solutions that, with varying degrees of success, helped to make the place the way it is.


    Many noted an interesting organization of plating. It is done as follows - a defective imitation of a beam is bought - a planed spike-groove board, which, thanks to its small thickness, allows you to cheaply cover a large area. The rejected one is not in very good shape, so it does not fit well. We cut off the spike and groove from it and nail it at a certain distance from each other - so that the black background created by the wind protection can be seen in the cracks. Naturally, this method is only suitable for summer buildings.


    Previously, we bought clean river sand for road construction - there are no clay impurities in it, so it is quite expensive. When we made a sand pillow for the first road a couple of years ago and carefully tamped it with a professional skating rink, on the first night a representative of intellectual minorities drove this pillow and left two deep ruts in it.

    Since then, river sand has risen in price exactly three times (300 rubles per ton with delivery instead of 100 rubles), so this time we decided to save money and transfer sand to the parking lot from another part of the territory. On top of the sand, they planned to lay out a parking with paving stones or small gravel.

    The sand turned out to be clayey. At first we were a little upset, then it turned out that after tamping, he was caking on a flat surface, on which a 20-ton dump truck unfolds after rain without any signs. Additional coverage seemed unnecessary, and we left everything as it is. Now we will use this cheap option in future traffic matters.


    Recently, many use building pallets as a fashionable element of decor - both indoors and outdoors. Not surprisingly - a used pallet can be bought for an amount of 50 to 200 rubles, while the cost of materials on it is about 600 rubles.

    We lived in this reality for a long time and even planned to make paths and interior furniture out of pallets.

    This idea had to be abandoned. Used pallets in our market have surprisingly diverse geometries, and up to a dozen nails can be driven into each of the connecting bars to increase its useful life.

    Therefore, pallets are only on the exterior. Moreover, under those surfaces that are in contact with the back of a person, you need to use the most expensive, carefully tested and processed.

    As it turned out, companies that make interior furniture from pallets do not make them from ready-made used pallets, but assemble the pallets themselves, from new material. Naturally, with this method, the economic sense is completely lost - but these companies normally sell. That is, the fashion for the reuse of used materials leads to a little absurdity when they try to present new material to used materials.

    Multi-colored impregnation

    For tinting all wooden surfaces, we used multi-colored impregnations of different wood colors. This looks most advantageous on large surfaces (for example, walls or walkways) - where you can use one basic tone, diluting it with insets from others. This creates the illusion that the surface has been used for a long time, and some of the boards had to be replaced.

    Further development of the site

    Photos and reviews on the site can be found on social networks using the hashtag # hutorium (perhaps now it will be possible to find more using the hashtag # barcamp). The news is easiest to follow on the @hutorium telegram channel , on the website or on the @it_poselok instagram village .

    In the near future, we will finish all the flaws and hold the next public event - a business- meeting meeting with Belgian entrepreneurs , which starts in two weeks. Join now!

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