News from the world of OpenStreetMap No. 465 (06/11/2019 - 06/17/2019)

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The materials of the conference " State of the Map France " are available for public access. 1 | Photo of Thomas Lombard, CC0


  • Mateusz Koniechni is going to remove duplicate tags, such as sustenance=fast_foodand amenity=fast_foodor atm=yesor amenity=atm. Like all OSM bulk editing plans, this one also sparked some discussion on the Tagging mailing list.
  • Joseph Eisenberg again suggests marking individual sites on the campsite with a tag tourism=camp_pitchthat he had previously invented. The last tagging scheme he developed that was rejected was called camp_site=camp_pitch.
  • Christian Iger on the Austrian Talk mailing list asked ( translation ) how to mark schools where shiatsu is taught (traditional Japanese practice therapy). Since he did not find anything suitable in WikiOSM, he asked if he could use the following pair of tags amenity=educationand education=shiatsu. The answer was no, as it was amenity=educationoutdated . He was asked with this question to contact the German OSM forum.
  • An updated tagging scheme for changing tables has been adopted ( changing_table = * ). She replaced the key Key:diaper. The author of this proposal, Valor Naram , wrote a guide for cartographers who might be familiar with the old key.
  • Geofabrik rewrote the Routing View in the OSM Inspector online service , which many cartographers use to search for unconnected roads and other routing problems. You can read more about the changes in the company's corporate blog.
  • Now in the OSMCha online service, you can create groups of osmeres , as well as filter or hide changes made by members of such a group.


  • On June 12, 2019, the OSM-UK community (Great Britain) launched a series of daily charts to improve the map of the United Kingdom. Milton Keynes South constituency was chosen as the first territory . The parliamentary constituencies were not chosen by chance as a unit of territorial division: approximately the same number of inhabitants live on each of them.
  • The Swiss OpenStreetMap Association has published a report on its activities for 2018 and a work plan for the near future.


  • Alexis Athlan of the French animal welfare organization L214 said he intends to import refinements for 1,400 restaurants in France that will cover the availability of vegan and vegetarian dishes.
  • David Morais Ferreira is waiting for comments, as he is about to import nearly 500 significant trees in Luxembourg.
  • Atakau shared his discoveries and observations that he made while importing land use and land cover data in Sweden. His detailed post, which describes a lot of nuances, should be read by everyone who is interested in this topic (mass import of data into OSM), since it contains a lot of practical recommendations, and is also more informative than the article on this subject in WikiOSM.

OpenStreetMap Foundation

  • OSM Foundation publishes FOSSGIS e.V. annual report (PDF) - Local OSM branch in Germany.
  • The minutes of the meeting of the OSMF Council licensing working group dated May 9, 2019 were published . During this meeting, the draft “Attribution Guidelines” was discussed . Most likely, readers will remember that the topic of specifying OSM attribution has recently become more and more discussed.


  • [1] Materials of the conference " State of the Map France " are available for public access(fr) .
  • Engineers of the French railway company SNCF presented a joint work with Geofabrik - Karlsruhe , which is their own routing tool for calculating train routes along the European railway network. Also, many at the SotM France conference were impressed by their innovative clothing.
  • Osmer ScubbX on the Austrian Talk mailing list wrote that 10 free tickets are still available at the AGIT-2019. AGIT (July 2-5) - the largest geo-exhibition in the German-speaking region. The OSM community will be represented by a booth that requires volunteers to operate.
  • A Filipino participant at OpenStreetMap GOwin has announced that a local Pista ng Mapa conference will be held in Dumaguet from August 1 to 3 . Within the framework of the conference, seminars, discussions about open geodata, OpenStreetMap and discussions about the problems of local cartographic communities are planned. Participation in the conference is free, and therefore it is open to all comers (requires RSVP ).

Humanitarian OSM

  • HOT welcomes 38 new members with voting rights .
  • The German daily newspaper Trierischer Volksfreund reports on past carton in Saarbrücken. Vocational school students who learned how to map in the JOSM editor as part of the Erasmus + project supported the non-profit organization Doctors Without Borders . The guys together improved the map of Congo.


  • Inspired by some of the speeches at the SotM-FR conference, Polyglot decided to hold a series of French Hangout streams in order to tell everyone about how to edit public transport routes using the PT_Assistant plugin. The first stream will be on Wednesday June 26 at 19:30 CET.


  • The local branch of OpenStreetMap in Belgium has updated the method for displaying terrain on its online map . The new layer is based on publicly available data on the heights of the Flemish region and Wallonia.
  • Using the OSM-based online map service, uMap, is becoming increasingly popular. The local OSM branch in Germany (FOSSGIS e.V.) funded(de) ( translation ) the launch of its own similar service on the domain .
  • Since mid-May 2019, a Twitter bot called OSMTrekkingTips ( @trending_places ) has been tweeting Swiss castles and palaces from the Castle Dossier Map . Tweets are released at 12 noon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The bot was developed by the Geomet laboratory (professor Stefan Keller) with the aim of developing tourism in Switzerland. ( Python source code ).

Open data

  • The conference " State Of the Map of The France " in Montpellier French Geospatial Agency IGN and the local branch of the OSM in France signed an agreement on partnership. IGN will use the OSM-FR style and its tiles on its official geoportal, and OSM-FR will now be allowed to use satellite imagery from this agency (BD ORTHO) to edit OpenStreetMap.
  • German Wikipedia is currently conducting a survey among users on which areas of technical improvement should focus on. Among other things, there is a proposal to improve support for geographic information(de) ( translation ), the essence of which is a more tight integration of OSM in Wikimedia projects.


  • The OSMF Council Licensing Working Group completed a study (PDF) that sought to find a better license for tiles executed by OSMF servers than the current CC-BY-SA 2.0.


  • Frederic Rodrigo forked the iD online editor, which is now available at . He removed the controversial changes that had previously caused heated discussion.
  • The directors OSMAnd and Maps.Me merged (the link leads to a post on Telegram) and began work on a new project - OpenPlaceReviews . It is assumed that this project will simplify the introduction of POIs in OSM, and will also store feedback about them.
  • From June 21 to 30 on the Azores (Portugal), namely in the city of Angra do Heroismo on the island of Terceira, a fairly large festival takes place. Using Azoid Eco technology (automatic translation ), an application and a map (based on OSM) for each event have been compiled. The application is available for iOS and Android . To learn more, go to (automatic translation ). Maybe in 2020 they will be able to correctly indicate where the data came from.
  • The MapOSMatic online service, which runs on , now supports GeoJSON uMAP files through the Umap API without interacting with the browser. Hartmut user on the project blog tells how he did it.


  • There is speculation that Mapbox has stopped working on version 3.0 of its specification of vector tiles from Mapbox. However, the fact that the open Geospatial Consortium is working on the specification of vector tiles.
  • The user JasonManoloudis in his dnevka on the OSM website in detail talks about his project on the "Google Summer of Code". He wants to “teach” the OSM2World 3D render to visualize road signs with custom text.
  • Now the process of loading user edits in OSM is handled by cgimap (written in C ++), and not by the Rails port (implementation of the Ruby on Rails API OSM), as it was before. This allowed to significantly increase the download speed of user edits from the JOSM and iD editors. The details of this update are told by Ilya Zverev in his blog "STOSM".
  • The developer of 2GIS in the corporate blog on Habr tells how it is possible to create your own navigator using open source solutions and OSM in just a couple of days.


  • In the latest version of the Maps 9.1.6 application (fork of Maps.Me from F-Droid), a long-standing error was finally fixed that did not allow users to log in to OSM. Now with this application you can edit OSM again.
  • In his diary, Simon Poole talks in detail about the changes that were included in the minor release of Vespucci mobile editor . Most of the improvements concern the user interface.
  • The developers of the online editor iD created a request for the inclusion of code that will cancel a number of controversial innovations that provoked a heated discussion not so long ago.

Did you know …

Other geo events

  • The world is a flower ball in a coastal garden on the flower island of Mainau in Lake Constance.
  • The World Geospatial Forum in Amsterdam introduced an online mapping portal for European geodata. It was developed by thinkWhere to demonstrate the convenience of a single point of access to public data.

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