ASZP: restyling or theater begins with a hanger

The words of Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky that “the theater begins with a hanger” are also relevant after almost a hundred years. Moreover, if earlier theaters, as a rule, thought of the image, and the factories put forward demands to fulfill the five-year plan in three years, now the situation has changed. The appearance of a modern, technological enterprise begins, often on the Internet. You go to the site, see a convenient, ergonomic portal and understand that this company is developing, the business is booming: after all, in simple terms, if there is enough money and an image means profit allows. An absolutely opposite impression can be made by an old-regime pass office. A small window where you need to stick your passport to get a pass reminds you of stagnation times. Agree, no one would want

The software "ASZP" allows you to automate the processes associated with the order, coordination and registration of passes. For more than ten years, a wide variety of companies, from giant fuel and energy companies to luxury housing complexes, have trusted the product of
Gazinformservice LLC. This year, a new, already eighth generation “ASZP” was released. The software has been updated, the web user interface has been completely redesigned using modern software development technologies.

Many elements have been added to increase usability: at any time you can see which employee worked with the application and when. For those companies where they have already managed to evaluate the benefits of implementing Business Intelligence solutions, there is a powerful reporting mechanism. For those who are still in the process of choosing such solutions, you can limit yourself to work in Microsoft Excel or a similar table editor.

By analyzing the data from the ASZP system, you can track the load of the checkpoint, peak hours at the pass office, in order to subsequently optimize the operation of the enterprise.

The software “ASZP” has the necessary interfaces and mechanisms for integration with third-party software. Here is just a short list of what can be done in conjunction with the Eplat4m GRC platform (developer - KiT LLC, Yekaterinburg):

  1. Create a contractor’s personal account so that he can independently control the availability of permits and fill out applications for a pass, as well as receive notifications of expiration;
  2. Keep a journal of safety violations (or other requirements) and fill out a database of unwanted employees;
  3. To receive in an automated mode data on criminals and terrorists from the websites of relevant departments and prevent their penetration to the protected object.

Of course, these are far from all functions. The ASZP system integrates with access control and management tools, ERP and IDM solutions, allowing you to solve the most complex business tasks in the security field.

We understand that it is better to see once, therefore, we included several screenshots in the text. If this is not enough, we are ready to provide a demo version of the software and assist in organizing trial operation for up to three months. Is free.

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