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    podcastPodcast “Web Standards” , Issue No. 178: W3C + WHATWG, SEO, performance, Ember.js, Elm, Puppeteer
    podcastPodcast “Frontend Weekend” # 92 - Artyom Kobzar about teaching, Kharkov and things that junior- should know developer
    podcastDevschacht podcast 83: Talk about Ember
    podcastReact Five-Minute Podcast : MSK VUE.JS MEETUP
    • Frontend podcastYouth (18+) podcast # 95 How to become CTO
    podcastCSSSR Podcast : News 512 - WebAssembly on eBay , modern hoisting, Chrome 75 and other releases, Huawei battles
    podcastCSSSR podcast: News 512 - Again about Svelte, donation on Github, patterns for React Hooks and a documentary about Ember.js
    videoFrontreview # 12 : “What Junior must ask for at the interview”
    videoproConf # 15 : ng-conf 2019 | ngRx by the example of a banana | fashion grids | flights to Mars
    video“Repozitorro # 17 : Suspicion that someone else’s code ...
    videoenJSHeroes 2019 , 20 videos

    Web development

    enHow to use Web Share API
    enSEO requirements for a new site


    CSS Flexbox in Bootstrap 4
    • We enprevent page scrolling when a modal window is opened
    enAnimation of a modal window moving along a given path
    enCSS mentality
    enCSS architecture - folder and file structure
    enCSS Grid Level 2 - subgrid will appear in Firefox soon
    enVariable fonts and non-standard axes
    enKeeping your CSS in JS clean


    habrGetting ready for 2020: 8 trends of client-side JavaScript development that you need to know about
    habrRecommendations for writing clean JavaScript code
    What's new in Node 12
    enHow to control music using PS4 DualShock and JavaScript
    enEnable modern JavaScript on npm
    envideoJavaScript: rebuttal of SEO myths
    envideoJAVASCRIPT SEO IS DEAD! Now what?


    habrMozilla called Google’s digitally signed web package distribution “harmful”
    Chrome 75 release
    Mozilla plans to launch a paid Firefox Premium service
    enNew Firefox Dev Tools feature that tells you why the CSS property has no effect


    “There will be a musical revolution now”: the history of the launch of iTunes and the reasons for the closure of the service
    Computing Photography . The future of photography is code
    19 excellent free neural networks
    Moral and legal issues: is society ready to trust itself with artificial intelligence
    Former NPM Technical Director Develops Entropic Distributed Package Repository

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