AMA with Habr. V.9.0. Podcast, Conference and Concepts

    How, again, the end of the month ?! In the sense of “summer in a couple of hours ?!”. In fact, May came out short, but nevertheless we managed to make some interesting updates, prepared a small but rich conference on the backend and are ready to chat with you - traditionally on the last Friday of the month. Hopefully no one planned tomorrow for May 32? The list of changes on Habr for the last month:

    1. They rolled out a great mobile refactoring. Read about this publication from our front-end:

      Logs of the front-end developer Habr: refactor and reflex

    2. Launched the weekly Habr podcast . We will be grateful for the feedback!
    3. We make a small Habraconfu . Pilot issue, about the backend, fly on .
      If there is an irresistible desire to attend the event, then write to me in PM))
    4. Rolled out the localization of company profiles.
    5. Added the setting "Do not show bookmarks added by users I follow."

    The list doesn’t look very impressive compared to previous versions, but this doesn’t mean at all that we didn’t do anything - sometimes we also have to deal with “internal” works that you don’t announce. Here are some of the things that we cook at the concept level (so far only discussions and design):

    • PWA concept
    • Dialogs in the mobile version
    • The process of removing an employee from the company.

    Well, and more miscellaneous on the little things.

    And more ... and more! Although we mainly talk about Habr here, we cannot but note the long-awaited launch of the " Safe Deal " among our colleagues from Freelansim!


    Traditionally, you can ask any questions unaddressed, write "question for the designer," or refer specifically to any employee:

    baragol - chief editor
    boomburum - head of the department for combating work with users
    buxley - CTO
    daleraliyorov - manager "Habra"
    illo - art- director of
    karaboz - chief for "My Circle"
    nomad_77 - chief for "Toaster"
    pas - system administrator
    salenda - main for Freelansim
    soboleva - main for working with clients Have a

    good weekend! Do not forget to pay for the Internet.

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