Odigest: interesting for designers for the week

    This is a mini-digest of any design validity for the past week, about a tenth of the fresh, one hundred and fifty-third issue of my Design Digest mailing list. This is my test ball in this format on "Habré", write in the comments whether to continue.


    Article: How to Add Design Value with Interface Animations

    A large translated article on how to organize work with interface animation at the level of logic and at the level of tools.


    Posters: 50 States: Race for Utopia

    Swiss designer Signe has created a series of 50 posters that illustrate how each US state can use its current specialization to create an innovative industry. Great example of a series design.

    Website: New site of Sheremetyevo Airport

    Done at Beta. Fast, informative, convenient. There is a dark theme!

    Retro: Bauhaus Bookshelf

    Incredible coolness! Design history expert Andrea Rigel collected and uploaded to the virtual bookshelf almost all books and magazines published in the Bauhaus over the 14 years of its existence. They can be downloaded and studied.

    Lecture: The Faker you are, the More Successful You Can Be

    Report by Pablo Stanley, InVision Design Lead. Fun and energetic about the problems of designers and the design industry.

    Tool: Klokki

    Automated accounting of working hours at the computer. Mac only. 30 days for free, then either a subscription for $ 3 per month, or a one-time payment of $ 39.

    Font: Adapter

    The new family of grotesques with Cyrillic from Rosetta Type. 9 options for display saturation, 7 options for Text + Italian + variable format. A good set of alternatives and openipe features. From 50 € for a drawing, from 500 € for a family.

    Dessert: Virgil Abloe opened his exhibition in Chicago

    A more Pioneer released a mixer and turntables in transparent housings for its design.

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