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    What did you dream of becoming in your childhood? Is it really a programmer, developer, analyst or tester? Unlikely. And not because these professions were not at the top at that time. It’s just hard for a child to imagine what kind of profession they are, because they don’t encounter them in everyday life. And for parents, even if they are IT specialists to the core, it’s hard to explain what they do at work so important and interesting. We decided to rectify this state of affairs and invite the children of our employees, partners and clients to our central office for the space career guidance game for adolescents from 10 to 15 years old, “Ticket to LANIT”. In anticipation of Children's Day, we will tell you more about this project in our blog.

    Start key

    One Saturday early in the morning from 60 to 100 teenagers gather at the office. It is impossible to accept more for technical reasons - otherwise the event will drag on until late at night.

    The children register, receive badges and backpacks with a space breakfast in tubes, are distributed according to teams. Each should be no more than 10-12 people, preferably of the same age. If this rule is not respected, then working at master classes will be very difficult. Each team has its own captain - a volunteer from among the employees of the company. The captain is a pioneer leader, a nanny, and Mr. "I solve all problems."

    The captain confidently leads his team along the route. The next point is the buffet.

    Separately, several teams from parents are formed. They, by the way, are going to be almost more than children. For parents - a separate program: tours of the building, screening of documentaries from our partners at the Documentary Film Festival DOKer (we already wrote about our cooperation here ).

    Each team of teenagers receives a route sheet - a schedule of the activities that they must complete during the game.

    These are five master classes from the divisions of our group, a tour of the building with a call to the demo data center, an ATM repair area and many other interesting places where not all employees of the company visited. In order to take a break and take a break from everything you saw and heard, there is a relaxation zone with interactive entertainment and a free buffet under the code name “Cosmopolitan”. True, in the buffet itself there are quite earthly cookies, pies and tea. But without them it is impossible, the brains of the participants in the game should work for six hours in a row - a whole school day.

    Earth food for space game and ...

    ... and as souvenirs, food for real astronauts

    I would go to the programmers - let me teach

    What master classes do we offer game participants? Of course, space - after all, the main theme of our game "What I will become in the future." And what is the future without space? The master class from INSYSTEMS is a real hit. The layout of the Vostochny spaceport, in the construction of which the INSYSTEMS team took part, the stages of assembling a real rocket and, finally, experiments with liquid fuel. First, a living rose is thrown into liquid nitrogen, and then the master of the workshop drops her hand there. Children simply freeze in horror and delight: “No, don’t need a hand, please!” - "Wow! Nothing happened. Why?". Do you know what happened to the rose, and why the hand was not damaged? But our children now know.

    Death number (do not repeat!) - the master of the workshop dips his hand in liquid nitrogen. How will this experiment end?

    How does a real rocket work? Find out and repeat the assembly steps

    No less successful is the master class from the CAD department “Digital Double” - flying a flight simulator. Take off and try to land on a huge Boeing - such an adventure does not happen every day! The leader of the master class, with the participation of almost the entire male part of the department’s team, set up a flight simulator all evening on the eve. Well, we ourselves drove a bit - in fact, motion sickness and dizzy. So entertainment is not for the faint of heart. And the guys did very well: "flew" in pairs - one lifted the plane into the air, the second was responsible for a soft landing.

    Accelerated Pilot Training Course “Takeoff and Landing”. Not just entertainment - the first acquaintance with the work of computer-aided design systems.

    At the master class from LANIT Digital “We shoot video content” real miracles worked - in 30 minutes they managed to create a real film crew from each team and release a cool video. Here's what it means - professionals in creating video content. If you also need watchable video content, feel free to contact.

    At the Treolan workshop, “Using Alternative Interfaces for Interacting with a Computer,” his host came in a superhero T-shirt to create the right mood. But the participants in the game felt like real superheroes - to shoot meteorites with one glance and replay Alice herself in the cities - this requires superpowers. And the guys showed them.

    LANIT employs real superheroes who are able on their day off to show the younger generation new ways to interact with interfaces.

    The master class of the LANIT Corporate Systems Department “Find a mistake on the spacecraft control panel” was most liked by those who are already trying their hand at programming and testing. Some teenagers turned out to be so advanced that they can even be hired tomorrow - they immediately hacked the site of the leading master class.

    The leader of the workshop is satisfied: “A good change of testers is growing!”

    “Is the planet on which we landed suitable for life?” - the meteorological master class from LANIT Integration began with this question . Why did we choose such a topic? Because one of the teams of LANIT-Integration was engaged in the re-equipment of the Roshydromet meteorological observation stations. So our company has real experts in weather monitoring. It turns out that boring meteorological columns can tell you so much about the world around us. Well, absolutely everyone wanted to take water samples for suitability for drinking. It is a pity that there were only two weather balloons. Yes, and water tanks too. A separate story can be written about how we searched for these huge vases in all the back streets of the LANIT building.

    LANIT has it all - even real meteorological equipment. Do you know how to predict the weather?

    The LANIT Networking Academy training center presented not only an encryption master class “Information Security. Data protection logbook ", but also the interactive game" Battle of Golems "for the relaxation zone. This is one of the best board games about IT, it allows you to develop algorithmic thinking. Playing it is not only interesting, but also very useful. But now it’s time to tell what kind of relaxation zone this is.

    How to make relaxation interactive

    What, besides gadgets, can children take during leisure? Our partners and subsidiaries have provided a wealth of useful and high-tech entertainment.
    Robot football from partners of LANIT-Integration, Exam Technolab, made decent competition to the game from the Network Academy in the relaxation zone. Everyone wanted to drive robots across the field with the ball and actively root for their player - both children and adults, especially dads.

    Robot football: a decisive match for the Galaxy Cup

    . You could still try to control the drone or compose your own arrangement of your favorite melody at the DJ console. These activities were provided by our subsidiary diHouse , which is also engaged in the distribution of digital DJ remotes. Virtual reality glasses are familiar to many today, but they also caused a storm of emotions among the participants in the game. All thanks to Fibrum copyright content, startup in which LANIT invested. This company was one of the first in the Russian market to release its own virtual reality glasses, and now has focused on creating interesting content to work with them. By the way, all these things can be bought, if not for family leisure, then, for example, for school recreation areas or for teenage summer camps. There are much more benefits than sitting around the clock on social networks.

    "Everybody is dancing!" - the future star of club parties at the DJ console.

    By the way, the relaxation area was not the only pleasant surprise for our guests. At all master classes, the guys received prizes for completing assignments and just nice souvenirs from various departments of the company. This is where backpacks with a space breakfast came in handy - at the end of the event, he was full of various useful trifles, such as pop sockets, magnets, notebooks and stickers.

    LANIT - wait for us!

    What effect did we get from the game “Ticket to LANIT”? Firstly, they showed how interesting it is to work in our company. And they even issued certificates “Ticket to LANIT” to all participants in the game - a document that allows you to apply for any internships at LANIT upon reaching 18 years of age. We are sure that one of the guys will really come to us soon. By the way, in the feedback questionnaires that all participants filled out in the final of the game, there was also such a significant statement for us, "Wait for me in LANIT in 10-15 years."

    Secondly, we showed how many interesting professions, subject areas and opportunities exist for those who are 10-15 years old today. And they themselves saw those who really will come to replace us. For our young employees, and among the volunteers of the game there were the majority, it was very useful and in many ways unexpected.

    And finally, we got to know many of the company's employees more closely. Indeed, with so many people who work with us, it is sometimes impossible to know even those you see every day. On the “Ticket to LANIT” we once again saw what excellent people we work with. By the way, one of our adult guests asked if it was possible to send him a resume, he liked our company so much.

    We plan to hold the next “Ticket to LANIT” in the fall for teenagers from our sponsored orphanages and boarding schools. Although we already have applications from our employees, and some of them want to bring their children for the second and even third time).

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