Survey of employees. The main mistake

When planning employee surveys, there is usually a lot of talk about methodology, samples, and other statistical terms. But for a successful survey, its organizers usually lack the main thing - to look at employees not as respondents (read: experimental rats) but as people whose opinion is really important to find out. This directly affects the quality of the sample, because most often the response to the survey leaves much to be desired, and it consists, for the most part, of the answers of the new and “guilty” ones. A report on the results of such a survey is completely useless information for the company, and taken seriously can be dangerous.

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organizers of the study sometimes try to solve the problem of low response with “administrative leverage”, but the answers “from under the stick” usually do not reflect the actual opinion of the employees.

How to get a good response when interviewing employees?

1. Motivation

When prompted for a survey, stimulate employees. Do not choose incentive time off or bonuses, this does not work in favor of the seriousness of the study. Practice shows that feedback is a good incentive for employees. Assure this in the text of the invitation to the survey and be sure to keep the promise. When evaluating employees, you can send out personal reports (using an online survey service with automated processing of results is a matter of a few clicks). If you ask to evaluate the company, at the end of the study, share the report and the list of measures that it was decided to take based on the results of the survey. Everyone values ​​their own time and wants to see the results of their activities. Prove to employees that participating in the survey is a useful 5 minutes of their life. This will increase the response,

If before the company did not have the practice of mandatory feedback after participating in the survey, do not expect instant results, you will have to earn trust. This will help sending out reports to those employees who did not respond to the survey. It is necessary to show that the voices of employees are heard.

2. brevity

A brief survey looks more attractive for employees. Often, the wording can be halved, as well as remove questions that are asked on the basis of the logic "then we ask this too." Non-anonymous polls may not include questions about name, position, etc. - You can add this information yourself.

It is also worth informing employees the number of questions and the expected completion time. If the survey went beyond 10-12 questions, you can diversify it with pictures, add a star rating or emoticons, and if possible reduce matrix (tabular) questions. It happens that employees quit the survey without completing it to the end. The fill indicator can help increase the number of completed surveys (when an employee sees how many questions or% are left to fill).

3. Anonymity

Often employees are assured of the complete anonymity of the survey, while asking for gender, age, position, and even the department. This data is almost always enough to identify an employee.

Mailing the survey to employees by e-mail also makes them doubt the anonymity of the study. And not in vain. Survey e-mails using the online surveys service attach an email address to the employee’s response.

A reliable way to conduct an anonymous survey is an anonymous link. To increase employee confidence in the introductory text, list the measures you have taken to ensure the anonymity of the study.

If the survey is not anonymous, explain how employees are protected from punitive management in the event of, for example, negative assessments of the company. It is better if non-anonymous answers are analyzed together and not considered separately. This is also worth mentioning in the information before the survey.


4. Time

If possible, it is worth allotting employees time for survey responses. Solving urgent work tasks, even interested employees can simply forget about it. It is also better not to stretch the collection of answers, but to limit it in the late evening of that day. In this case, the probability of forgetting or postponing for later and forgetting becomes lower.

To summarize. Often when organizing employee surveys, they forget that in order to increase the conversion and sincerity of answers, it is necessary to take into account the interests of the employees themselves and build trusting relationships with them.

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