One day before DotNext 2019 Piter. Free Broadcast Announcement

    On May 15, that is, tomorrow, the DotNext 2019 Piter conference will be held. These are two days of presentations about the present and future of the .NET platform, performance optimization, details of the platform’s internal structure, architecture, solving unusual problems, and so on.

    The total number of reports at the conference is 31. Of these, you can watch YouTube’s first-day reports in the first room for free on YouTube - 5 pieces. In the same online broadcast there will be online interviews between reports. What kind of reports are we will discuss under the cut.

    The broadcast will begin at 9:45 in the morning (Moscow time), after 15 minutes the opening will begin, and will end closer to 7 o’clock in the evening. Opening the link at 9:45 is not necessary - the link will work all day, so you can open it only on the most important reports.

    The link to the broadcast site is under the cut. There is also a brief description of the reports and a discussion of a couple of things that will still not be available on the broadcast (even if you bought an online ticket).

    Where to get the broadcast

    The broadcast page is waiting for this green button-link:

    A video player and a program of the first room are available. The player comes to life only in the morning of May 15.


    Dino Esposito, "ASP.NET Core 3.0: State of the art . " The new ASP.NET is a framework that defines the standard for the coming years. We will talk about architectural issues that need to be considered to build reliable solutions on the Microsoft technology stack, including not only the backend and frontend, but also related issues like caching, security, status checking, configuration, and so on. Dino is our most active speaker, speaking at absolutely all DotNext and conducting the very first keynote of the first Moscow DotNext.

    Sean Farmar, "Successfully decomposing your monolith . " Sean works as an architect in the NServiceBus development company and in this report is going to make a thorough analysis of the transition to microservice architecture. Using a vertical cut of a simple application as an example, things like DDD, SOA, weak connectivity, and so on will be sorted.

    Dmitry Ivanov, Async programming in .NET: Best practices . Dmitry is the developer of the ReSharper core at JetBrains. With the advent of async / await, deadlocks and flights have not gone anywhere - they just become more difficult to diagnose. Based on experience and observations, Dmitry will tell you about the correct and incorrect patterns for writing asynchronous code.

    Evgeny Peshkov, “Multithreading in .NET: when productivity is not enough . Eugene is developing a cloud infrastructure at Kontur. The report will focus on the errors and problems of using multithreading in .NET. Examples are considered when the use of tools from the standard .NET library (Task.Delay, SemaphoreSlim, ConcurrentDictionary) leads to performance drops, specific private solutions are proposed, and .NET is discussed under the hood.

    Konstantin Gustov, “DDD in microservices: complexity versus complexity” . DDD is a complex approach, but when there is a lot of confusing business logic, its support without such approaches turns into hell. Konstantin is an architect at Raiffeisenbank. He will tell the story of the successful implementation of two complex methodologies in the banking environment.

    What will not be broadcast

    Something will not be broadcast. Some things require physically being at the conference venue so that you can conveniently communicate, exchange something, and so on. Here are some examples.

    Community Track DotNetRu

    Within the framework of the conference, the all-Russian association of .NET communities DotNetRu will conduct its own track. All the details are in a separate hub .

    Discussion areas

    After each report, the speaker is sent to a dedicated discussion area, where you can chat with him and ask your questions. Formally, this can be done between reports. Although the speakers are not obliged, they usually stay much longer - for example, for the duration of the next report. Sometimes it makes sense to skip the report from the main program (if you bought a ticket, you will still have entries after filling out the feedback) and spend it on focused communication with an important expert.

    Exhibition area

    In addition to discussion areas during the break, you can visit the exhibition area. There are several main activities:

    • The exhibition is the stand area of ​​the partner companies of the conference. You can learn about interesting projects, technologies and teamwork of leaders in the IT industry. This is the place where you and the company can find each other. Please note that there will be representatives of companies with whom you will not meet face to face live every day.
    • Demo Stage is a dedicated stage for sponsors and partners, where companies present their reports, share practical experience and summarize the draws. The program can be viewed on the site, if you go to the section with the program and set the Demo Stage switch to the appropriate position.

    Two BOF sessions

    BOF is now a traditional format at our conferences. Something like a round table or discussion group, in which everyone can participate. This format historically goes back to the first Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) informal discussion groups . There is no division by speaker and participant: everyone participates on an equal footing.

    Two topics are currently planned : .NET Core and Future of ASP.NET . ASP.NET BOF is conducted in English only, based on English speakers.

    Beer and Music Party

    In parallel with the BOFs, the party starts at the end of the first day. Drinks, snacks, music - all at once. You can chat in an informal setting and discuss everything in the world. You can move from the bof to the party. You can move from the party to the bof.

    As in the fall in Moscow, participants will enjoy a live performance from Dylan Beatty, Vagif Abilov VagifAbilov and Maxim Arshinov marshinov with covers for rock hits, original songs and copyrighted IT versions.

    How to get there

    If you suddenly decide to come live, just in case, we remind you that DotNext 2019 Piter will be held in the Park Inn by Radisson Pulkovskaya congress park at Victory Square, 1. The nearest metro station is Moskovskaya, exit to the airport. Entrance to the congress center from Galstyan street .

    Member Memo

    All details about the venue, registration procedure and many other useful things are in the memo of the participant, which is always available on the site .

    Next steps

    • If you are watching a free broadcast: follow the link on Wednesday, May 15th. The broadcast will begin at about 9:45 a.m. Moscow time.
    • If you want to access all the reports and recordings after the conference: you need to purchase an Online ticket .
    • If you change your mind and go live, all possible options are available here . Today is the last day that this can still be done.

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