May 9 gift

    It is approaching May 9th. (The one who will read this text later is May 8, 2019). And in this regard, I want to give us all this gift.

    Most recently, I found the game Return to castle Wolfenstein in my stack of abandoned CDs. Vaguely recalling that “it seems the game was not bad,” I decided to run it under Linux. Well, not so much to play, but to rummage more. Moreover, the May holidays began, free time appeared.


    To get started, I installed a game from disk using wine. Not earned. Bearing in mind that the game is based on the Quake3 engine, and ports for Linux were already accessing it, I went online. Immediately on Habré there is a long-standing post on how to run RTCW under Linux. There he is . In general, everything is trivial there: an installation script, a binary for Linux, copy .pk3 files from the original game, which I already had installed from the disk. As a result, multiplayer was launched, but without a menu (the game console fell out), and single did not want to start at all. After some “red-eyed” and HEX-editing of the binary, the single also started, but again without any game menu (the console cursed at the lack of files for the user interface and didn’t want to take whatever was fed to it).

    What I just did not do, but the menu stubbornly did not want to appear. Sound, graphics, connecting to servers - everything worked, but there is no possibility to launch a single or change the player class when playing on the server. And then I remembered the ioQuake engine - another Linux port Q3, assembled from source codes generously laid out by the great id Software community. And it turned out that there is in addition to ioQuake and ioRTCW . O wonderful world of openings forks! Having compiled ioRTCW files from the source and "feeding" him * .pk3 files of the original, the menu finally appeared. Everywhere! Both in single and in multiplayer. Yes, RTCW has two different binaries: one for the single, the other for the network game (as Wikipedia says, the single and multi were made by two different companies and this happens)

    So it worked. I decided to tickle my nostalgic feelings and, after downloading the HD texture pack , I launched the single.


    Friends, what should I say ?! The game was beyond praise! Here is just a masterpiece. Atmosphere, attention to detail, weapons, cut scenes, secret rooms ... the behavior of mobs, finally. The game, released in 2001 (!!), is already 18 years old, and it is playable! And even more than that! I, who abandoned computer games and cooled to them with age, simply could not come off. Yes there, I just enjoyed the gameplay in general and individual moments in particular. Such as, for example, two fascists peacefully talking about wine in a wine cellar full of huge barrels and ... And the pouring red streams from them, in orderly order, after the line given to them. And stands everywhere, with German propaganda and posters, with old newspapers and maps that are readable! (thanks to the texture HD pack). What about music? German marches, German speech from horns. And in one place Beethoven played “To Eliza!” Not to mention medieval castles with gothic stained glass windows and knights falling upon you in contact ...

    In conclusion, it turned out that the game, I repeat: after 18 years, is still more than alive and continues to develop with the support of the community! Namely: the presence of many live game servers, on which, attention (!), There are always 25-30 people! Fan sites, movies, mods that continue to be updated regularly ... It's just hard to believe! Literally, before publishing this text, I was looking for a picture for the post and came across a mod from our compatriot called RTCW "Stalingrad". Just look at this video!

    Well, perhaps, there will be enough enthusiasm. Yes, nostalgia, yes made with love, yes it catches. But I would not write it all here. The main thing, after all, that approaching May 9, we are waiting for a few more holidays and I want to make a small gift both to myself and to others.

    Even if you are indifferent to such things, to games and old games in particular, give a gift to others: children, friends, acquaintances. Yes, in general, a gift to the game itself, paying attention to it. After all, less and less comes out "imperishable", which will want to play after 18 years. Is not it?

    In conclusion, I want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming bright holiday of the Great Victory, which, incidentally, Europe is celebrating today, May 8th.

    Happy holiday!

    * If someone sees some patriotic notes in my post, then they are indeed present, but I want to draw attention to the fact that the game was made by the Americans, and is most popular in the USA and Germany (judging by the servers).


    ioRTCW on the github
    → A fan site with everything you need, including full versions of the game for Windows, MacOS, Linux
    It’s also with the full assembly ioRTCW + .pk3, judging by the size
    A map pack with some more HD textures seems even better. For the Linux version, we take only .pk3 files from it
    → Resuscitation of the game for Windows 10. New graphics, textures, sounds

    Addon for the single Stalingrad

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