Frontend Weekly Digest (29 Apr – 5 May 2019)

    This week we issue a really huge selection of all the essential news you might have missed on Front-end development. Make sure to check the latest updates on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


    Making Web Components for Different Contexts
    A Practical Guide To SVG And Design Tools
    The Billion Ways to Display an SVG
    The Simplest Ways to Handle HTML Includes
    How to set up face verification the easy way using HTML5 + JavaScript
    A Conspiracy To Kill IE6


    Digging Into The Display Property: Box Generation
    Revisiting prefers-reduced-motion, the reduced motion media query
    Oh, the Many Ways to Make Triangular Breadcrumb Ribbons!
    Implementing a Mockup: CSS Layout Step by Step
    Creating rounded triangles in CSS with clip-path
    Create a responsive grid layout with no media queries, using CSS Grid
    Combining CSS Grid with Bootstrap Grid


    • New Releases: Babylon.js 4.0, Electron 5.0.0 and jQuery 3.4.1 with triggering focus events in IE and finding root elements in iOS 10
    The Many Ways of Getting Data Into Charts
    Building the New with React, GraphQL and Relay
    The JavaScript Developer’s Intro to Crypto
    Optimizing JavaScript Application Performance with Web Workers

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