CodeFest X March 30-31. Future section


    There has never been such a thing, and here again - the velvet season comes in Novosibirsk, which means the CodeFest is close! This time the tenth, anniversary, is still awesome.

    In honor of the anniversary, we tried to go beyond and slightly change. This year, 3000 participants are waiting for us, the main stage is Future and one more thing. We will tell you about “something else” later, but today I would like to tell you about the Future section, which will be the very main scene.

    What is the Future section?

    Future is fantasies about the future from experts of the IT-market. The future, how it has become or will be on the horizon X years.

    We will talk about how our life and work will change, about innovations and technological progress, about digital transformation of businesses and cities, about emotional communication with smart coffee makers and with each other.

    In other words, the Future is about whether we will become happy or confused, and what role we play in all of this with you - simple workers of the IT industry

    imageYevgeny Chereshnev , Biolink.Tech
    “I'll tell you about the difference between applied innovation and innovation of the impossible. Let's talk about why we need such innovations. I will give examples ” trends # innovations

    Andrey Sebrant , Yandex
    “Mistrust of many high-tech products sets a non-trivial task for their creators and marketers to learn how to conduct with consumers not so much rational as emotional communication and ensure people’s trust in their products” #AI # trust

    Daniela Allmaier , RAUMPOSITION
    “How do cities can be achieved? Comfortable? ” # Cities # traffic # machine-gunners

    Alexander Kruglov , VK
    “It’s impossible to imagine today's life without chatting, but since the first messengers appeared, 20 years have not passed yet. What awaits him in the future, any new communication methods we will use in the next few years? " # # Chat priceless #vpn

    Alexander Orlov , Stratoplan
    " We talk about the needs that we meet in the course of work - their changes and prospects for the next 5-10 years. We discuss how the process to meet their needs there is 8 different types of distortion that can be toxic for others and for themselves, leading, inter alia, to abandon skills and even to professional burnout " # people # profession

    Maksim Dorofeev , mnogosdelal .ru
    “They say that the great Russian river Volga begins with small streams. It is also said that great things once began with simple actions. But it is also true that a lot of trouble very often sprout from the small and seemingly inconspicuous, not even errors - errors " # people # profession # skills # delusion

    Alexander Laryanovsky , SkyEng
    « The future of education - a service which benefits the economy of attention for account that solves the problem of a particular person in a particular situation. This is a service that provides measurable and specific added value ” # learning # technologies

    Asya Kazantseva , Corpus Publishing
    "Will the new knowledge will help the brain to make learning more effective, and if so, who will be more useful to humanity - psychologists and pharmacologists, neurophysiologists or programmers' # training # selfdevelopment

    Fedor Ovchinnikov , Dodo Pizza
    " I'll tell you how to change (or have changed) business with the advent of voice interfaces, machine learning, blockchain / big data ” # business # digitol # blockchain # big data

    Alexander Zezyulin , Wargaming
    “ For someone, a video game is a brave new world. For someone, this is business and nothing personal. And yet, the game - one of the most intimate and understandable to all aspects of the technical progress of mankind. How will our ways to have fun in the future change and how will we change from this? ” # Games #VR # reality

    “The future that has already arrived” is written on the main page of our site. This is not true, of course, because it will come on March 30-31, in Novosibirsk.

    Registration is required. Participation too.

    Come , it will be awesome!

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