News of the week: FSB is not a decree for operators, AI defeats champions, Apple and Qualcomm reconcile

    The FSB clarified the difference between home and spy devices, telecom operators test eSim despite the FSB’s objections, artificial intelligence defeated Dota 2 world champions, Mark Zuckerberg offered to remove Facebook chairman, Apple and Qualcomm reconciled, Samsung Fold folding smartphones quickly break down.

    FSB explains the difference between home and spy devices

    A few days ago, the State Duma in the first reading adopted amendments to the Criminal Code and the Code of Administrative Offenses , to the points that refer to the definition of “spy” gadgets. Deputies believe the definition of such devices is not very clear, so by the second reading they decided to finalize the documentation.

    The amendments are developed in order to avoid situations where buyers of GPS-trackers or video glasses are prosecuted.

    According to the clarification, a spy gadget can be called “devices, systems, complexes, devices, special tools and software for electronic computers and other electronic devices, regardless of their appearance, technical characteristics, or working principles, which are intentionally given qualities and properties for providing the function of secretive (secret, non-obvious) obtaining information or access to it (without the knowledge of its owner). ”

    A comment was received from the FSB that the same pen with a hidden camera in itself is not a spy gadget. But if you use it for covert shooting, then this will be a violation: shooting cannot be done without the consent of a person.

    Carriers Continue Testing eSim

    Several federal mobile operators are testing eSIM technology at once . These are Rostelecom, Tele2, MTS, Vimpelcom. At the same time, MTS, VimpelCom, Megafon argue that the introduction of technology will lead to a decrease in company profits. Given that Russian companies have to spend money on installing equipment to comply with the rules and regulations of the “Spring Law” and “Autonomous Runet”, we are talking about a significant reduction in the amounts.

    At the same time, the FSB stands for a complete ban on eSIM, as law enforcement agencies are developing a project to create Russian SIM cards with domestic encryption technology. Such technology is unlikely to be integrated into foreign smartphones.

    The Ministry of Communications believes that the technology is needed and it will appear gradually, the main thing is not to impede its implementation.

    Artificial Intelligence defeats Dota 2 World Champions

    OpenAI outright won against a professional Dota 2 team . This is a battle with the OG team, which last year received the main prize in e-sports. She won first place in The International Dota 2 tournament. The prize pool of this tournament is $ 25 million.

    During the battle, artificial intelligence constantly attacked the enemy. The capabilities of AI were somewhat limited (for example, by setting a delay on clicks) in order to equalize the capabilities of people and cars. This brought both tactical and strategic victory. The duration of the first match was 30 minutes, the second - even less, about 20 minutes.

    For the first time, the OpenAI bot was launched on the gaming arena in 2017 at the International 2017 Championship. Then it beat Danil Dendi Ishutin in the 1vs1 match at Shadow Fiend. Then the company introduced the AI ​​team, which lost to paiN Gaming and the team of professional players in the Chinese scene at TI8.

    Mark Zuckerberg may be removed from the post of chairman of the board of directors of Facebook

    Facebook shareholders are unhappy with the company's current performance . She immediately fell into several information scandals related to the use of data from her own users. The shareholders submitted 12 proposals to the vote, which relate to the introduction of changes to the current scheme of the company. One of the changes is the introduction of an amendment to the Facebook charter, which involves the appointment of an independent chairman of the board of directors. In this case, Mark Zuckerberg leaves one of his posts.

    “We believe this weakens Facebook’s governance and management oversight. The selection of an independent chairman will allow the CEO to focus on managing the company, and the chairman on supervision and strategic leadership, ”the shareholders said.

    Apple and Qualcomm have settled a patent dispute

    Apple and Qualcomm have been able to resolve a patent dispute in the amount of $ 27 billion . The conflict began in 2017 and lasted until the end of March 2019. Now the partners have signed a six-year license agreement, it entered into force on April 1 of this year.

    Now Qualcomm will supply its chips for iPhone smartphones, and Apple will be able to freely sell devices in any country in the world. Earlier, the courts of China and Germany banned the sale of Apple smartphones that violate patent agreements.

    Samsung Fold for $ 2000 breaks fast

    Journalists at once from several major publications complained that the samples of the folding Samsung Fold smartphone began to fail within a few days after receipt .

    In this case, the damage is not similar to each other. In some cases, the screen stops displaying any image. Sometimes part of the screen works, part - not. In one case, a bulge appeared at the bend, which led to the rapid failure of the display.

    Samsung has promised to deal with problems in its gadgets. Previously, the company reported that the number of guaranteed bends safe for operability is 200 thousand

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