What is the level of demand for PHP developers for the 1st quarter of 2019?

On the labor market, PHP programmers are some of the most sought after specialists. Over the past 3 years, their popularity among employers has grown by more than 12%. PHP is the most common open-source general-purpose programming language, many of our clients use it in development, so in our requests from employers we often encounter the need for programmers working with this particular language. In the article, we analyzed the labor market of PHP developers, formed the level of salaries based on the salary expectations of applicants and company capabilities, and also revealed the level of employers' interest in employing PHP specialists.


Universal Soldier

PHP is interpreted and does not need compilation for its operation, "the result of execution is visible immediately after execution." Today, important modern commercial industries are based on PHP, such as software development, work on web portals, online stores, many electronic media, the banking system and, more recently, the electronic education system, which has become more popular in 3 years from 2015 to 2018 than 38%, 13% of government projects.


Which specialist do you need?

Novice programmers "Junior" must have the skills of object-oriented programming, experience with HTML, MySQL, PHP. Graduates of technical and IT departments of colleges and universities who want to try their hand at PHP programming can apply for a salary of up to 80,000 rubles in the capital, up to 63,000 in St. Petersburg, and an average of 51,000 Gross in regions.

Middle-level PHP programmers with experience in adapting CMS systems, developing and launching Internet sites, web applications, understanding the usability of user interfaces, and the ability to understand other people's code can expect a higher salary. Earnings of specialists meeting the specified requirements in Moscow varies up to 130,000 rubles, in the northern capital - up to 95,000, in the regions up to 76,000 Gross.

Senior developers know JavaScript, XML, Ajax, speak English at a level sufficient to read technical documentation. Demanded skills in Linux / UNIX, experience in setting up and administering web-servers (Apache), version control systems. Employers require experienced PHP programmers to have excellent knowledge of this language and MySQL. The best confirmation of the professionalism of applicants will serve as a portfolio of work performed. Programmers of PHP of this level in Moscow earn up to 210,000 rubles, in St. Petersburg almost up to 170,000, and in the regions a little more than 120,000 Gross.

Talk about money

Based on the analysis of the labor market of PHP programmers for the first quarter of 2019, requests received from companies from us, as well as data from the hh.ru website, we compiled salary diagrams for PHP specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg and regions with a breakdown by work experience by year, therefore that often HRs are guided in drawing up salary offers according to this level: without work experience, with minimal experience, with experience, with significant experience.



Since the highest salaries were recorded in Moscow, IT ATLAS analysts decided to track the dynamics of the growth of salaries for PHP programmers of the “Senior” level and concluded that since 2015, wages have increased by about 15-20% annually, and It seems that the trend will also continue in the near future.

What is the situation in the regions? Again, according to the first half of 2019, Gross salaries in the regions are inferior to the capital by about 30%. Despite such a run, this figure exceeds the indicators of 2018 by almost 5% - a good result for IT companies, most of which are private.


To summarize and summarize the capitals and regions, as of the first quarter of 2019, 325 vacancies were opened in Russia in the competencies of "Junior", "Middle", "Senior" in Russia; For 49.2% of open vacancies, employers indicated salaries in the amount of 50 600 - 70 500 rubles, 20.3% of advertisements with a salary of 79 400 - 106 300 rubles, and 16.1% with a salary of 112 500 - 210 000 rubles.


According to the polls, 150 out of 400 PHP programmers are ready to work on complex tasks in an emergency mode, 80 of which can really “pull” burning projects. The easiest way to verify a new candidate is to appoint a mentor or control by the project manager.

In 2018, more than 5,000 specialists with specialized knowledge of the PHP language graduated from educational institutions in the capital, the annual increase for 2019 will be about 6%. The figure for Russian employers in need of developers is small. However, in the framework of the overall increase in the graduation of students undergoing training in IT specialties, which is 19%, it looks much more significant. In other words, to find a worthy PHP developer of any level of competence for an acceptable salary is real, you just need to know where to look.

In the following articles we will tell you where to find good PHP developers, give specific recommendations and links to resources. We will be glad if our forecasts and search channels help programmers and employers to reunite, for all other cases, there is professional assistance from IT recruiters. Therefore, do not skip our publications!

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