CLRium # 5 Garbage Collector: Peter - Sold Out

    April 13 in St. Petersburg (offline and online) and April 20 in Moscow (only offline) will host the largest CLRium # 5 seminar for its entire existence.

    Having dug a jungle of memory management algorithms, I can now finally answer the eternal question: " why know this? ". Before, except for just for fun , it was difficult for me to answer something for one simple reason: in a good way, we did not know anything about how memory works in .NET. We knew that there is a GC, that there are three generations in order to optimize. One of us even knew about the ephemeral segments and the card table. But it looked more like a booklet to something more complex, which is not described in any way. And now, when there are sources and people digging into them, we can finally answer this question.

    We invite you all to this seminar and during which from 10:00 to 20:00 with breaks to relieve stress from your head, very, very much will be told about how everything is nevertheless arranged.

    Our seminar is that rare case when knowledge without any water will flow into your head throughout the day. When you begin to know a lot more people you are talking to. After all, this information is scattered all over the Internet, and it will be told only once: only at our seminar.

    10 reports. Exclusively about the core . 6 of them - only about the memory management subsystem.

    What specifically will be discussed?

    1. Allocation of memory: all stages of this interesting process
    2. All phases of the GC's work (on a 45-50-minute report per phase. So much about the GC will not be allowed to speak at any conference).
    3. We will also talk about System.IO.Pipelines . Natalia Tsvilih, my colleague, will tell you a lot about this interface.
    4. And much more.

    I hope the program turned out great: we work on polishing it every day.


    For St. Petersburg and Moscow you can buy a ticket. It costs only 3,000 rubles. And it includes food and videos. Also available online: such a ticket costs 1,500 rubles. But through online not to talk with colleagues (and you can’t sit in front of the monitor for 10 hours in a row).

    You can go to us as a team: we accept payments from legal entities. persons. All you need is to follow the link and register.


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