And another weird headphone - for sleeping


    Continuing the theme of unusual headphones, it’s hard to resist and not speak out about this niche - “Headphones for sleeping”.

    Conventionally, they can be divided into several types:

    1. Headphones that can analyze sleep. Sleep

    trackers are a fairly popular direction, but most often users use a bracelet that determines the phases of sleep with sufficient accuracy for a general understanding.

    In this sense, the analyzer headphones seem a bit like a black sheep. But there is logic in such a gadget: equipped with sensors that are located on the head, such headphones can probably give a more accurate picture of the phases. An example is Kokoon EEG .

    Here, besides all analytics, they promise a good sound, a convenient design: it should be comfortable to lie in such headphones - therefore, the ear cushions here are soft. And the ventilation system: since the headphones are closed, this is necessary.

    2. Anti-noise

    headphones These headphones can also be recognized as “headphones for sleeping,” because they are designed to create a comfortable environment, silence, and reduce noise around. Recently, we introduced you to one of these options - QuietON .

    By their “applicability” they, of course, are much more universal, but they are positioned as headphones for falling asleep, they carry out their task of reducing noise.

    3. Sound to fall asleep

    The main problem with the headphones in any case is one: low level of comfort for the listener. Headphones somehow dictate the position, limiting the position. Despite the fact that in the photo in the first paragraph, a person is sleeping on his side, in fact it will not be very convenient. Therefore, for those who are accustomed to falling asleep to music or a book, they came up with such a pillow with bone-conduction sound .

    Among all the other features, one still needs to remember that when dealing with bone conduction, a person remains slightly limited in terms of sound capabilities. Nevertheless, as the sound in the background is not the worst decision, well, except in shape, it’s never a headset.

    4. Headphones-headbands

    And finally, there is a category of headphones with a soft headband. In our case, it's SleepPhones.

    In general, to be honest, the thing is cool. What are they like.

    The most important difference from other headphones is the headband. This is a soft headband:

    This form provides complete freedom in bed: you can turn your head, you can lie on your side, you can not worry that the headband will break if you suddenly fall asleep in these headphones - complete freedom of movement and safety for the design.

    Inside are speakers that are lined with soft cloth.

    This is done for several reasons. Firstly, for the comfort and convenience of the listener. We once tested similar dressings from China, where the speakers were about this shape:

    That is, they were thick, plastic, solid, which frankly is not very convenient. Secondly, this was done to protect the speakers themselves: inside they are not covered by anything.

    And finally, in this way some noise isolation is achieved so that the sound for a loved one who lies nearby is less distinguishable.

    Here is a small example of how they sound at full volume: recording on the recorder a smartphone lying on the table. A man in headphones sits at a computer nearby. When you listen carefully, BG is discernible, of course.


    Of course, you need to consider them as headphones for sleeping, to help you fall asleep, and they look very worthy in their category: here there is pleasant eco-friendly material, good sound, and what is important for a Western user is “thought out security”.

    One of the key features that manufacturers are paying attention to is “Environmentally friendly electronics, without the presence of lead. The headband material is designed in accordance with the international environmental standard RoHS. "

    Nevertheless, at home, of course, you can get by with simpler methods: in the end, no one will forbid to fall asleep in the gags, however, when turning on the side, one of the headphones will have to be pulled out of the ear:

    You can listen to music / books without headphones. In this case, it will also be available to others. Nevertheless, it seems that such headphones are not strictly required to purchase.

    But their convenience they bribe. By the way, as a safety feature, poor insulation is also used, which is well perceived in the West:

    • You do not completely disconnect from reality, hear external sounds, hear a loud fire alarm.
    • The voice of a crying baby will also be clearly distinguishable
    • If an outsider tries to enter the house, this can also be heard if the headphones are not twisted to the maximum

    Well, of course, falling asleep in such headphones, you can hear the sound of the alarm without any problems. In other words, from the point of view of comfort, convenience and relative safety - such headphones look uncontested. We get:

    • Moving speakers: you can not apply them directly to the ear, move them inside the bandage
    • A pleasant material that does not rub, does not irritate the skin
    • Flexible and soft headband - will not break, will not be damaged, will not hamper movements
    • Soft speakers - will not damage the ear, will not cause discomfort
    • The blindfold can be shifted over the eyes - in this case there will be a mask

    How SleepPhones sound

    To begin with, here are a few quotes from the reviews:

    I expected a decent sound for this price (talking about a wireless model - approx .), And I was not disappointed. And in fact I was VERY surprised by the sound quality of these small speakers. A source

    The included detachable speakers provide surprisingly good sound quality and noise isolation. Provide a pleasant, natural sound reproduction. Of course, you should not expect a truly audiophile quality, as the headphones were designed for quieter playback with less emphasis on detail. For example, in combination with an audiobook, these headphones really show themselves, and their tireless nature makes them great for long listening. A source

    In general, the sound here is quite decent: the headphones sound a little duller, as noted, but nevertheless they hastened to call them “non-detailed”. Much depends on personal requirements for them. Say, if you just need pleasant music in the background, then you can completely move the speaker from your ear - of course, in this case, when transmitting sound through the air, some losses will be felt.

    They have their own charms - such a weightless design and lack of isolation makes the sound seem to be voluminous, these are pretty pleasant sensations of sound in space when nothing presses, and the melody sounds as if in a room. Despite the fact that the developers tried to make them artificially quieter, the volume is more than enough in total, and the frequency range corresponds to modern standards - 20-20000 Hz. In other words, as an audio device is also not a bad choice for individual use.

    Well, in between, audiophile requests for electronics are often very “expensive”. I have never met such a device, costing from 3 thousand rubles, which would satisfy the hearing of an audiophile.

    Headphones are currently sold in two versions:

    There is no difference in sound - the speakers are the same everywhere. There is a difference in price. But for each of the models we have a 15% discount for all interested: HABR15 until the end of this week.

    As a result,

    Headphones as an aid to falling asleep The

    positive or negative influence of music on the process of falling asleep is a moot point. But it’s really more convenient for someone, someone falls asleep under a series of a favorite series or book. In this sense, the question remains whether to listen to the full, whether to listen in headphones and in which headphones.

    SleepPhones vs Ordinary Headphones

    SleepPhones has a number of unconditional advantages both in terms of comfort for the owner: no need to choose a comfortable pose - any pose will be comfortable. So from the point of view of safety for the structure: if you accidentally fall asleep in them, then there is no risk to the speakers, the headband.

    Decent sound The

    headphones sound very decent, close the audible range of frequencies, the volume for individual use is more than enough, and in the proposed use case - they sound better than many popular plugs.

    Wired vs Wireless

    Wired headphones work through Jack. Now in 2019, when smartphone makers abandon it more and more, this could be a problem. True, the same manufacturers most often kindly insert adapters, so there will probably be no problems.

    And on this our next story about “strange headphones” comes to an end. Thank you all for your attention!

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