Video reports from FunTech iOS-meetup # 1

    On March 23, the FunTech Meetups team held their first own iOS-meetup, from which we upload video reports today.

    “Turning RunLoop. How does VKontakte tape work ?, by Alexander Terentyev, VK

    “Downloading faster than the user thinks”, FunCorp, Andrey Mukhametov

    "Tiling to help Objective-C developer", Artyom Starosvetsky, Joom

    "Objective-Swift or Swiftjective-C? How to work with Legacy in the modern world ”, Sberbank, Vladislav Usachev

    “Say no to the monolith.” Modularization of the project ”, Igor Vasilenko, Tinkoff Bank

    A photo report from the mitap can be viewed here .

    All information on our events (and not only) is available on our channel in Telegram .

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