Digital Rights Center invites you to Privacy Day 2019

    On February 28, 2019, Privacy Day 2019 will be held in Moscow - the first thematic conference in Russia dedicated to online privacy and personal data protection. The Russian conference will discuss regulation, cases, methods for correct work with PD, the use of data on the Internet of things, the blockchain and for the purpose of machine learning artificial intelligence. The event is organized by the Digital Rights Center together with the Digital Rights Laboratory.

    We invite everyone who is interested in the protection of personal data on the web to participate!

    In Europe and the United States, Data Protection Day has been celebrated since 2007: it is fixed in national calendars, thematic events are regularly held, including international, which gather thousands of participants, including representatives of government agencies and major IT companies. The Moscow Conference is intended to be a landmark event in the industry and support the global movement.

    Over the past year, many events have occurred that seriously affect everything related to privacy protection in the digital space: a scandal erupted around Cambridge analytics , multiple data leaks occurred , the European data protection regulations came into force ( GDPR), California adopted the toughest US Internet Data Protection Act ( CCPA ) in Russia, Russia and 19 other Council of Europe member states signed a modernized protocol to the 108th convention aimed at enhancing the protection of personal data internationally with their automated processing.

    All these events, without any doubt, will have an impact on Russian users and business. We decided to discuss this and gather a thematic conference to give the floor to the best privacy experts on the web. The conference participants will try to answer the main question - how do we get out of the impasse and find the thinnest balance between protecting online privacy and developing a new data market.

    This will be the first conference on the protection of this level in Russia. We tried to gather top speakers from business, law, science, society - all the key experts in the field of personal data protection. The directions of work are different for everyone, the projects are cool, and the experience is unique, sometimes completely unexpected - and all these speakers will be divided into speeches. There will be something to listen to and to learn!

    In addition to lectures and workshops, we allocated special time for coffee breaks and networking. For anyone interested in the topic, this is a great opportunity to learn and talk, because participation in the Privacy Day conference is free and open!

    The Privacy Day conference in Moscow will be conditionally divided into 4 tracks:
    • Regulation: modern practices of personal data regulation in Russia and in the world;

    • Business: successful business cases in the field of protection, storage and circulation of personal data;

    • Theory: current and future threats to privacy as a result of the development of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, blockchain and others;

    • Self-defense: the theory and practice of online privacy for private users and businesses.

    We expect the participation of speakers from Yandex, VimpelCom, MTS, large IT corporations, government agencies, academia and human rights organizations. The program as it forms is published on the website:

    If you have your own unique experience, project or product that you would like to share with your audience, leave a request to include your speech in the program. To do this, send a request on the website or write to the program committee email: .

    Privacy Day 2019 will be held February 28 in Moscow in the Center "Blagosfera" (1st Botkinsky Ave., 7, p. 1, metro Dynamo)

    Admission is free and free, but preliminary registration is required via the link: .

    See you at the conference!

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