Edge browsers with Chromium appeared on file hosting services


    Last weekend, the Chromium-based Edge Browser build was leaked to the network . Thus, users got the opportunity to try out a new browser at work. Those who have already done this claim that Edge now looks and works almost the same as Chrome, and the functionality of these web browsers is also almost the same.

    Microsoft did not actively share information about its new browser, but thanks to data leaks, much more became known about it. Well, now, with the appearance of the build itself on file hosting services, it has become clear how the browser looks.

    Experts believe that there is a far non-zero possibility that Microsoft will take away part of the market (albeit small) Google Chrome. After Microsoft switched to Chroimum, experts expressed concern that the browser market will gradually begin to pass into the hands of Google. But if we talk about desktop OS, the situation may be somewhat different.

    Most regular users work with Windows. And this means that if Edge changes (for the better) functionality and interface (plus extensions for Chrome appear), then users can abandon other browsers in favor of "native" Windows software.

    It may well be that Microsoft will eventually influence the development of the browser and the creation of new web standards. For Firefox and Opera, this is probably not too good.

    What Microsoft Edge 75 Browser Looks Like The

    software is based on Chromium 75, the current version is At the beginning of the work, the browser asks the user if he wants to import data from Chrome, including favorites, auto-complete forms, history.

    Users who have installed the browser, believe that it is more than ready to work, despite the fact that this is a test version of the software.

    The corporation has modified the browser interface so that it looks like a product from Microsoft. For example, the settings page received a navigation bar located on the left, like most applications from Windows 10.

    Of course, the corporation implemented its own services in this browser. For example, Google Safe Browsing has been removed in favor of SmartScreen, which was developed by Microsoft employees.

    The fact that Microsoft Edge began to support Chrome extensions is no longer a secret. In order to get the extensions, the user must allow their installation from the Chrome directory. In addition, there are extensions from Microsoft. So far, the browser shows Chrome extensions as unverified, but this does not affect their operation. But Edge users can get all the Chrome extensions that are currently available.

    In addition to the usual features built into Chrome 75, Microsoft has added a few more. To add / remove them, you must set the flags on the edge: // flags page.

    Thus, the user can add Fluent, PlayReady DRM, Edge Reading View.

    About the intention to rebuild Microsoft Edge, in order to make it more convenient and safe for users, Microsoft announced in December last year. The solution to the problem turned out to be a little unexpected - few could predict the transition of the corporation to Google products. The solution was, in principle, quite logical, since Windows users can now stop at their "native" browser, and not use solutions from third-party companies.

    It is worth noting that the share of Firefox is gradually declining. There is even a threat that the browser will become so insignificant that developers will stop testing sites for it. In December 2018, Firefox already owned less than 9% of the desktop browser market , which is the minimum value for many years.

    Mozilla says that the growing popularity of Chromium allows developers, private or companies, to check the serviceability of a service or application only for this browser. This reduces the amount of time that is required both for development and testing. Representatives of Mozilla believe that now there is a situation similar to the beginning of the 2000s, when Microsoft actually had a monopoly on browsers.

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