# 10yearschallenge for programmers

    Hi, Habr!

    In 2009, we began to use Forsquare and block annoying banners with AdBlock. Dmitry Medvedev created a blog in LiveJournal. Bitcoin appeared.

    We also decided to recall what they were ten years ago.

    Our friends from Revolut shared their memories of developers about technologies, work and events from 2009. We decided to support the guys and asked the legionnaires to tell about themselves a decade ago.

    Dima, Senior Backend Developer:

    Ten years ago, we and the team finished writing our first major startup (social network with blogs and calendars), received a pizza award for working on weekends, were late for the last train in the subway after the military department, university classes and office work, in every way they tried to avoid merge branches in Subversion, IE6 daily admitted their love, deployed code with homemade bash scripts, were amazed at the jQuery miracle and made the decision to never write anything else in PHP - we already used Python on the next project (+ Django).

    Seryozha, Senior Frontend Developer:

    10 years ago, the frontend was still called layout, the bootstrap and adaptive had not yet been invented, but it was necessary to fix translucent pngs for IE. Periodically, the maker-ups wrote the code on the sysharp, and the dotnetchiki comprehended the subtleties of CSS. But about the loaded web projects, we thought both then and now - and it is unlikely there will be another way. Many thanks to the gurus with whom I was lucky to work over the years.

    Ilya, Android developer:

    10 years ago I had no idea what Java is and what programming is, enlightenment came 5 years later, after the end of the uni. I remember that in the first year I was almost kicked out because of programming. We had a Pascal course for two semesters. I didn’t understand anything for a whole year, then somehow everything cleared up in an instant before the exam, and I was given C instead of F.

    Pasha, UX / UI-designer:

    In 2009 I lived in the city of Ukhta and studied at the 4th course as a software engineer. He played in the theater, recited poems from the big stage and arranged holidays for children. And there was not even close to anything associated with the design, the UX, and that’s all.

    Ilya, iOS Team Lead:

    It was the seventh grade, if math skills don't let me down. I studied C and Pascal, mainly engaged in olympiad tasks. Somewhere exactly 10 years ago, I had an iPhone 3G, and had already begun to visit the idea that I needed to try something and program it, but it happened only after a year and a half.

    Anya, Senior Project Manager:

    10 years ago, I was a C # developer at a large speech technology company. Participated in the creation of multimodal systems of identification and verification of people. In our team at the peak there were up to 30 people, someone was engaged in the creation of algorithms, someone programmed these algorithms in C ++, someone created the UI, there were also testers, technical writers, implementers. Despite the fact that Visual Studio 2008 and C # 3.0 were already used in the yard, the company could not switch to a new software so quickly, we wrote on C # 2.0 in Visual Studio 2005 and successfully used a pirated resharper.

    Nobody heard of any scramblers, but they were already beginning to move to iterative development and daily status meetings, the meaning of which was not clear to everyone. As a version control, CVS was used somewhere, somewhere switched to SVN. All projects were configured CI, but not all assemblies were collected automatically and regularly.

    And, perhaps, the main thing for a girl - 10 years ago at this job I met a modest developer who became my husband.

    Misha, Android Team Lead:

    10 years ago I was still studying at the University of Information Technologies of Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) in St. Petersburg. Then, behind the shoulders, there were 2 years in C ++ courses with writing their own watch dog programs.

    For 10 years I graduated from ITMO and Skoltech. He studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Studied assembler, C #, Java, Kotlin. He worked as a server developer with writing his speech recognition engine in C ++. Got a job at e-Legion and became a team lead.

    Kirill, UX / UI designer:

    In 2009 I was 8 years old. I wanted to be Spider-Man.

    How was your year 2009?

    Share your memories in the comments.

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