Flashing LED

LED flashing light

In this article, I will tell you how to make a blinking light like in a Macbook when it is in sleep mode. This project will also help you improve your skills when working with a
breadboard for soldering. Do not forget about the principle of charging a capacitor.

We will need
  1. Development board without soldering
  2. 15 cotton soldering iron
  3. Jumpers
  4. Solder Development Board
  5. Resistors of different ratings
  6. Two capacitors (electrolytic) with a capacity of 220 microfarads and 100 microfarads
  7. Green LED, 2 volts
  8. 2N6027 transistor

The program will use a programmable single-junction transistor. The circuit of its
work is to control the current through the Gate .

Assemble the circuit shown below on the solderless breadboard.

The capacitor is charged through the resistor until it overcomes the set voltage through the transistor.

After that, the capacitor discharges, the LED lights up.

Add another capacitor:

For the sake of the element will smooth out the attenuation.

For the manufacture of the finished circuit, it is necessary to arrange the radio elements compactly. Follow the diagrams.

Insert the radio elements into the breadboard, connect their legs (you need one jumper), solder and cut off the extra ones. Do not forget to check the reliability of the contacts.

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