Injustice Google Play as a good life experience

What should I start with? It was 2014, we were 2nd year students (PNIPU and ITMO), studied in about proger specialties. In the past, they were just classmates, in general, good friends. Probably everyone felt when you just learned the basics of programming, and you already dreamed and made plans for how you would write a program and earn millions. We were no exception.

Without thinking twice, we decided that we would be making an Android application, since both had some knowledge of Java , and the very concept of “lay out and indicate the price” really warmed our pockets. I think everyone already perfectly understood / laughed at our naivety, but then we did not realize this.

The first thing we came across is of course the idea. To come up with this, that it would be relatively easy to implement, feasible to us and interesting not only to us? We were both fans of Ferrari , without hesitation, we decided that we were not alone. But it would be advisable not to come up with your own NFS or Asphalt . We settled on the idea of logo quiz , but it was very thematic, namely: guessing / guessing the models of a legendary car from a photo (it is interesting that at that time there was nothing like that on any car brand in Google Play in the future, develop an idea).

Well, that’s all, the matter is left to the small and we plunged into the work with our heads. Without any knowledge in managing / managing / developing projects, but with a wild desire, a flame in the eyes and faith in the mountains of money.

To understand how bad everything was:

  • using the Eclipse IDE (only at the very end we moved to Android Studio );
  • the absence of any TK or even User Story ;
  • of course, there was no talk of using any version control systems (only exchanging files in VK and mail - only hardcore);
  • and even more so, we did not use any soft for project management (we didn’t even hear about agile at that time).

To say that work was in full swing is to say nothing. We devoted all our free time to the project: before couples, after couples, sometimes even instead of couples. The result was not long in coming, and after a very short time, there was some kind of working prototype.

After the frame was made, it was necessary to add at least some interesting things:

  • an intelligible menu has appeared;
  • broke all game logic into levels;
  • added tips of 2 types;
  • added a system of scoring points that could be wasted on tips;
  • sharing achievements in the most popular social. Networks
  • and much not much else.

Also, it was necessary to tighten the visual component of our application (never forget the fit for all the main screen resolutions).

There were many problems in the course of work, but by joint efforts we coped with all the difficulties. After 4 months, the application was ready.

And then the day of truth came when it was finally possible to buy the coveted developer license and publish the application. Everything went quietly and did not portend trouble: the application was uploaded to the store and even moderated.

I will never forget the feeling that I experienced for the first time - an incredible joy from a full-fledged / finished product that you have been doing for so long (relative to any laboratory) and that this can be shared with the whole world.

The joy did not last long - exactly half a day, just until we got a ban that said dryly that we had violated some copyrights. And here we started to wake up a little from all the dreams that we had in mind during development.

To all our questions like: “What exactly did we violate?”we never received a clear answer from Google support (which I think many of you have come across), in addition to everything, they took away our developer’s license, after several attempts to fix the application and re-upload it.

Only then did it become clear to us that the reasons for our ban were higher than the roof:

  • the use of other people's photo / audio materials;
  • use of a patented trademark, which does not belong to us at all.

I think if you dig, you can still dig into the pile of something.

As a matter of urgency, we began to solve the problem:

  • changed the name of the application;
  • if possible, sawed out the name of the famous brand;
  • replaced the pictures so that they recognized the logo recognizable minimally or not at all;
  • indicated that all the photos we used in the application were taken from open sources;
  • etc.

But nothing, none of this helped us get into the store . Being completely desperate, we consulted with familiar lawyers and even wrote to Ferrari (Fiat group) , explaining in detail how much we love their brand and maybe they can help us with something. But they didn’t even answer us. How naive we were, now I remember this with a smile, then we were on the verge of depression.

How did it end?

Unfortunately, we never made it to Google Play . To our very small joy Yandex.Store (or whatever it is correctly called there) turned out to be less picky and we calmly laid out our application there, safely forgetting about it almost forever (if anyone is interested, we will try to regain access to Yandex .Store and make the application free or put the project on GitHub ).

I can’t say that all this was wasted. Many cones were packed and many useful conclusions were drawn. From small goodies: each of us received more than one machine / test, reflecting in the reports the technologies that were used to create the application + we even participated in some kind of competition with this application (Android Challenge seems to be what it was called).

Why am I writing all this? I just wanted to speak. Probably due to the fact that I'm a little sad that the world did not see what we wanted to share with him. Yes, and this is a kind of warning that every novice developer may encounter so that you do not make the mistakes that we made in due time.

In no case do I urge you to abandon all your crazy ideas, on the contrary - create, try, get experience, but still do not forget about the cold engineering calculation and do not give up before your time.

Now, the first thing we start with is “Can we do this from a legal point of view?”

What about us? Everything is not so bad here. Now we are both in St. Petersburg. Everyone is busy developing unique products of their kind, albeit in completely disconnected areas - we are trying in our own way to make the world a little better. Everyone has enough for bread and butter, and even a little more. Our friendship has only become stronger. We freelance together, participate in various hackathons, attend meetup 's, conduct pet projects and just have a good time together.

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