Frontend Weekly Digest (11 – 17 Mar 2019)

    This week we issue a really huge selection of all the essential news you might have missed on Front-end development. Make sure to check the latest updates on CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


    A JavaScript-Free Frontend
    Planning for Responsive Images
    30 years ago the world changed forever
    KV Storage: the Web's First Built-in Module
    Accessibility insights is a new #a11y testing tool that gives you fast and actionable information about accessibility problems in your products
    Add first-class support for differential script loading


    WebP in CSS — PostCSS plugin and tiny JS script (128 bytes) to use WebP in CSS background
    How You Can Get Started with CSS Grid
    Designing An Aspect Ratio Unit For CSS
    CSS debugging is hard
    if statements and for loops in CSS
    How to manipulate CSS colors with JavaScript
    Redesigning Our Docs – Part 4 – Building a Scalable CSS Architecture
    Why can’t I set the font size of a visited link?
    Web Standards Meet User-Land: Using CSS-in-JS to Style Custom Elements
    Getting started with PostCSS in 2019
    Moving Underline Nav Menu


    Node.js Foundation and JS Foundation Merge to Form OpenJS Foundation
    Update on Experimental Features in Node.js
    GraphQL in Depth: What, Why, and How
    How I ruined my JavaScript code and still won the Coding Challenge
    JavaScript in 14 minutes

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