Runet Management Act - implementation of regulations and areas of responsibility

    Yesterday on Habré there was news that the Ministry of Communications approved the law on the management of the Runet. The same law is supported by Roskomnadzor and the Federal Security Service, plus the Federal Technical and Expert Control Service.

    According to the provisions of the draft law, Roskomnadzor is authorized to determine the routing rules for Internet traffic of Russian operators and monitor compliance with these rules . The agency is also responsible for minimizing the volume of Russian traffic passing through foreign communication centers. To manage the network infrastructure of the RuNet in critical situations should be a special center established in the subordinate radio frequency control service of Roskomnadzor. The center will have all the information about the Russian communications infrastructure.

    The important point is that Roskomnadzor will restrict access to prohibited resources. In order for the agency to receive such an opportunity, operators will be obliged to install specialized technical means to counter threats, and organizations must also comply with the requirements for the use of these funds. There are no funds specifications in the bill, but it is indicated that they should be able to identify the source of the transmitted traffic, with limited access to resources with prohibited information not only by network addresses, but also by prohibiting passing traffic. Equipment management is the responsibility and task of Roskomnadzor.

    According to the authors of the draft laws, as a result of the application of these measures, Roskomnadzor will be able to more effectively control and implement decisions about blocking prohibited resources. Now the agency is experiencing serious problems, for example, with the blocking of the Telegram messenger. According to experts, the technical blocking tools described in the bill include the possibility of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Thus, Roskomnadzor will receive a much wider range of options for blocking resources. Now the agency is only available blocking by IP. The DPI uses the reading of the headers of a packet of passing traffic, so that Roskomnadzor employees will be able to block the data of individual messengers and services.

    “Now there is a bill, under which suitable equipment will be developed. Most likely, operators will use equipment with DPI technology on their networks because there is no more suitable alternative based on the problem statement, ”said Alexander Pankov, deputy head of Roskomnadzor.

    It is clear that the deployment of the Runet control system requires significant funds. A number of companies, including MTS, support the idea of ​​creating an autonomous system for operating the RuNet in the event of external threats. But with the proviso that the government will clarify the question of what will be responsible and pay for the maintenance and repair of the equipment installed by Roskomnadzor, as well as compensate consumers for losses in case of failures.

    According to calculations by Sergey Malyanov, director for work with state agencies of Vimpelcom, for five years the installation and maintenance of this equipment will cost each operator 1.2 billion rubles. Representatives of Tele2 agree with this opinion, confirming that the cost of installation and operation of equipment will cost billions of rubles. According to the director of "MegaFon" on relations with government agencies Alexei Ganin, the equipment in question may adversely affect the performance of the network. But the bill says nothing about what to do with the discontent of customers of operators - both private and corporate.

    At Rostelecom, they point out that all operators have already involved such equipment in one way or another in their work, so there are no particular problems. The company fully supports the bill.

    Experts oppose the adoption of the bill. So, he is criticized by representatives of the Digital Economy Autonomous Non-Profit Organization (ANO) and the Expert Council under the government. According to experts, the traffic routing system, as proposed by the government, will create a critical point, and its failure will lead to one-time disruptions in the work of the entire national communication system. Plus, the approved budget of the national program "Digital Economy" does not imply the costs of implementing such a bill. And they will be considerable, since the money is needed to purchase expensive equipment for routing traffic, maintaining this equipment and maintaining communication channels.

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