Tesla Model 3 is offered on Pwn2Own to anyone who breaks into an electric vehicle protection system

    The CanSecWest conference attracts many information security professionals. Many want to talk about their own achievements in terms of testing the strength of protected and not so systems. In addition, the Pwn2Own Cybersecurity Professional Competition is usually held at the conference.

    This competition is often written on Habré indicating the achievements of the winners. This year, the winner can go home not on foot, but leave for the brand new Tesla Model 3. Tesla offers its electric car to those professionals who can crack the vehicle’s protection system.

    As part of the event, Tesla teamed up with Trend Micro, one of the organizers of Pwn2Own. Thanks to the participation of Tesla, the competition received a new automotive section. Cybersecurity experts will test the durability of the Tesla Model 3 electric car, and if everything works out, then someone will go home in the vehicle of the future.

    The total prize pool of Pwn2Own in money and prizes is $ 1 million. In addition to Tesla, Microsoft and VMWare are sponsors. But the most attention, of course, is attracted by the opportunity to get an electric car.

    By the way, Tesla Inc launched a bounty program in 2014. In 2018, the amount of remuneration was increased from $ 10,000 to $ 15,000. In addition, Tesla representatives said that electric vehicles that are tested for strength are not void of warranty.

    “We are developing our electric vehicles, constantly remembering safety in all its manifestations, which is why we consider the assistance of information security specialists invaluable,” said David Lau, vice president of the Company.

    Prizes will be paid for compromising various auto systems, including modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, autopilot, gateway, as well as VCSEC systems. You can also receive a reward in the event of a successful hacking of the electric car key fob and phone-as-key protocols (if the hack allows you to take control of any of the car’s systems).

    Those hackers who achieve the preservation of the privileges received after the reboot will be given bonuses of $ 50,000 and $ 100,000.

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