Release IT: a new platform for launching products and services at the SXSW 2019 festival

    You can apply for the launch of your product at the SXSW technology festival until January 17, 2019. The annual SXSW festival will be held from March 8 to March 17, 2019 in Austin.

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    How to participate

    This is an event for the demonstration and announcement of ready-made products and services. It provides for preliminary work with a mentor and a procedure for peer review of projects by judges. The finalists will also have the opportunity for direct dialogue with potential investors.

    Apply  for participation in the Release IT is necessary  until January 17 .

    The basic conditions are as follows:

    • start no earlier than January 1 and no later than March 17, 2019;
    • you can submit only one product or service;
    • cannot participate in the SXSW Pitch and EDU Launch;
    • unfortunately, participation is paid ($ 30).

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    The jury of the final part of SXSW Release IT consists of entrepreneurs, technology industry experts and investors. This year the jury members are:

    • Andy Stoll (Andy Stoll) - a serial entrepreneur and one of the leaders of the Kauffman Foundation (Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation);
    • Jennifer Conley ( Jennifer Conley ) - co-founder of the Dallas Entrepreneurship Center (Dallas Entrepreneur Center);
    • Nakolz Todd ( Todd Nuckols ) - Managing Director for butkampa Lighthouse Labs developer and advisor to a number of other projects.

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    Examples of past SXSW Release IT finalists:

    What is SXSW

    The festival is held in Austin (Texas). Back in the 70s , major IT companies came to the city : IBM, AMD and Texas Instruments. They made a bet on graduates of a local university.

    At that time, bar culture was developing throughout the state: new establishments were opened, where musicians experimented with vocals, instruments and texts. The atmosphere of freedom and creative Austin of those years even devoted a musical program "Austin City Limits".

    At some point, the organizers of the New York Music Festival, New Music Seminar, turned to the editorial office of the local newspaper The Austin Chronicle with a proposal to hold their event in Austin. Although the project was not implemented, this idea formed the basis of SXSW.

    South by Southwest  beats Alfred Hitchcock film title North To Northwest (North by Northwest). The festival was originally conceived as a musical, but the topics were significantly expanded. Now they are discussing movies, media, new technologies and startups. In 1994, a CD-ROM was presented at the festival. Later - streaming video and VR.

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    SXSW Accelerator has been working for several years as part of the festival. Over 400 startups passed through it and in total attracted about $ 5 billion of investments. 16% of these startups were bought by companies such as Google, Huffington Post, Apple and Live Nation.

    Since 2018, the SXSW Accelerator has been transformed into the SXSW Pitch event. This is a start-up pitch competition for SXSW. Here not only finished products are welcomed (as at Release IT), but also projects at the idea stage. Unfortunately, the selection on this year's SXSW Pitch is  already closed .

    These projects  went to the SXSW Pitch event 2019 final.


    SXSW was conceived as a regional event, and turned into a large-scale festival, where famous musicians, politicians, representatives of corporations and young IT companies gather.

    SXSW Release IT is a good way to present your product or service in one of the largest IT events of the year. You can  apply for participation in Release IT until January 17 . The final of the competition - the presentations of the finalists and the announcement of the winner - will be on March 8.

    For two years in a row, I entered the SXSW Pitch event. This time I am looking at applications for SXSW Release IT. In total, this is more than 500 project questionnaires. I think that such experience can be useful for preparing for accelerators and other support programs. History of the SXSW of The: How the All the Started It TechStars the Startup Digest: the From the Launch to the Today How the The Early Success Stories Shaped the Modern State of the Tech Industry

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    If necessary, I will write tips'n'tricks on the preparation of applications following the analysis of start-up questionnaires

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