Terabyte SD card is on sale

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The capacity of the storage media is gradually increasing. According to Moore’s law, it must double every two years, and in practice it happens, with minor deviations to one side or the other.

Recently in sale appeared SD-card up to 1 TB, which released the company Lexar. It should be noted that this company was ahead of SanDisk, which first presented a prototype terabyte memory card a couple of years ago, but did not release the commercial version of the drive.

Lexar supplies cards from 16 GB to 1 TB. New writes data at a speed of 70 MB / s, and reads - 95 MB / s. However, its class is V30 / U3, according to which the guaranteed read / write speed is about 30 MB / s.

As usual, one maximum capacity card costs more than two capacity cards at half the size. Thus, the cost of new items is $ 499.99. At the same time, the price of one 512 GB card is approximately $ 150. However, for professionals who work with “heavy” content, this price may not seem too high. Especially if you take into account the gradual penetration of video content in 4K format with a frequency of 60 frames per second.

The video, which lasts only one hour, can occupy a space of several hundred gigabytes, so now even a terabyte card may turn out to be small.

Lexar was going to leave the market in 2017, but thanks to the help of investors, it managed to keep afloat and even develop several new products, including the terabyte map mentioned above.

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