And again the telegram to the geek


    I am an active user of Telegram and admit it is just crazy about him. It so happened that only two months have passed since the first Telegram Giku post, and despite the fact that this is not a long time, I can tell you about a bunch of interesting channels that you can’t subscribe to!
    Unlike the previous post, this time I will not publish invitational links to chats and bots. Some channels will be repeated for completeness:

    • addmeto Bobuk's geeky
      concentration indicator as always scales, and even the name is in the letter A, so I had no doubt about putting this channel in first place;
    • TechSparks
      Another channel with news from the world of high technology and the Internet and another ship-man from Yandex Andrey Sebrant;
    • G33ks
      Geek joys and links to IT channels and scientific topics. As well as AI, AR, gadgets and gikpron.
    • NeuroScienceRu
      Channel from an adherent of science and scientific approach, zealously defending his opinion, enthusiastically leading a channel and just a good person and scientist, thematically dedicated to neuroscience;
    • GlobChan
      News channel about the world, science and technology. Just a little over a hundred subscribers! An urgent need to be fixed!
      Entries, short and not very, about Internet business. The author of the channel was seen in the creation of;
      Channel about psychology from Catherine. There are enough different articles, translations and comments from Katya herself on found texts from the world of psychology. She selects jewelry articles and always writes excellent eyeliner;
    • Disgusting men
      For me, the world of podcasts opened exactly at the moment when a link to issue number six of the Hell's Kitchen podcast was sent to my site (yes, rest in peace with the once glorious messenger). It was impossible to stop until I listened to all six episodes, and I still listen to the disgusting men podcast, which appears on the portal of the same name by Peter Salnikov. Actually, the channel is tied to this portal;
    • Apparat
      The channel description says:
      Journal of the new society
      In fact, the way it is. This channel contains information about news and events in the world of innovative technologies, such as neural networks, self-driving cars, etc.
    • Technology, media and society
      The Apparat editor - in-chief maintains an author’s channel, from which one can’t break away from time to time;
    • Angry Beard
      Another channel about technologies, mainly mobile and web;
    • HANDS
      Description of the channel comprehensively conveys the essence of the information presented by the authors, namely: "Hands will help you come up with, develop and launch a product." The channel pleases with trends in the world of (unexpectedly) technology and IT in general;

    • RosKomSvoboda RosKomFreedom in Telegram!
    • Internet analytics
      I saw a link to this resource in a previous post with channel reviews that appeared on GeekTimes by the author of this channel, so I’ll leave a description as it was written by the author:
      RAEC analytics channel, which consolidates the opinion of the Internet industry. 1400 subscribers. The channel contains links to the source data and materials of Russian and foreign studies related to the Internet and media markets. Mostly Russian-language posts, infographics and reports in pdf;
    • Gadgettake
      What a geek without gadgets? A channel about news in the world of gadgets, about gadgets and all that can be done with them!
    • Interesting articles
      Daily newsletter with a selection of interesting Russian-language articles that appeared on the Internet;
    • Naked Science
      On the Internet you can read that Naked Science is one of the most visited popular science portals of the Runet, and this is its official channel.
    • PeterLevichChannel
      Channel of a certain Peter Levich about science, society and technology.
      Channel of guys from Omsk leading a podcast of the same name. Podcast about gadgets and superficially on technical topics. Podrbnej here ;
    • Jin Kolesnikov's Reposts
      Technoposts about technology, AI, the future, robotics, etc.
    • Forwarded
      Another cozy channel with reposts;
    • Namochi Mantu
      Channel on evidence-based medicine run by female "medical journalists";
    • unpublished
      Reflections on the actual phenomena of modern life;
    • Crynet Russia and Crynet
      All about science and about science;
    • Cofee Break
      Coffee break channel: to have something to discuss during the break with colleagues.
    • EvaEvt and Marketing
      channels including IT;
    • Tabakov Channel
      Yes, yes. His name is such and there are many interesting things;
    • Ivan Begtin
      Open data, e-government and that’s all;
    • Booker
      Book Blur; book reviews;
    • Mountains
      Channel with photos of the mountains of Switzerland;
    • Geek Empire Ru
      What geek doesn't like comics? And if not even comics, then films on them! If you like, then the channel will be interesting to you.

    Channels for Apple Bullseye Lovers:

    Too much about Apple and very little about Android? So I think so, but in my reserves there is nothing about the OS from Google.

    And here is the first channel on the topic of Android:

    You think that I forgot something? So I can add this, you only need to write to me in the LAN or on @shpaker .
    By the way, composing this post I got a channel for myself, so here:

    • G33ks
      I am looking for answers to the main questions of life, the universe and all that. As well as AI, AR, gadgets and gikpron.

    I also want to take this opportunity to tell you that there are bots that make up tapes from the resources of TM and Radio-T News, namely:

    If someone involved in these resources is against, I will immediately transfer / terminate the activity of these channels, but they are damn convenient to use. There may be failures in the work of my RSS feeds, but somehow I will gather my strength and rewrite the bot until I get to it.

    Added after post publication:

    1. GlobChan
    3. PeterLevichChannel
    4. Jin kolesnikov's reposts
    5. Namochi mantu
    6. unpublished
    7. RosKomSvoboda
    8. Crynet Russia and Crynet
    9. Coffee break
    10. Forwarded
    11. googleplayappsales

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