Sony Magic Link - the first device on the Magic Cap OS

    The history of the Magic Cap operating system itself is very interesting. Its developers are Bill Atkinson and Andy Hertzfeld , as well as Andy Rubin , the founder of Android Inc.

    About the operating system itself, there is a wonderful article entitled “The Amazing History of Magic Cap” . Separately, it is worth noting that the Magic Cap is not a graphical shell, but a full-fledged operating system for which the TeleScript scripting programming language was also developed .
    I want to talk more about the first product based on this operating system - the Sony Magic Link Communicator.

    Traditionally, there are a lot of pictures under this cat . Sony Magic Link PIC-1000

    devicewas introduced to the market in October 1994 as a personal smart communicator with a price of $ 995.95 as standard.

    • 4.8 x 3.2 inch touch screen (resistive) displaying 4 shades of gray
    • Processor 16-MHz Motorola “Dragon” 68349 CPU
    • Integrated serial and infrared ports at 38.4 Kbps
    • Telephone modem with RJ11 interface and 2400-bps data / 9600-bps fax support
    • 4 MB ROM for operating system and applications
    • 1 MB RAM, expandable to 2 MB with a PCMCIA card
    • Powered by Sony NP-500 Battery and External Power Supply
    • Battery life - 10-12 hours
    • Weight 550 grams

    The communicator had SoftTouch coverage, but the time for it was merciless, unfortunately. At one of my exhibits, it was possible to give it a more or less normal appearance by washing it in warm water with powder, at the second I had to clean it completely, since it was already burdock.

    External accessories were also available to the communicator:
    • External keyboard for $ 129.95
    • 1 MB memory card for $ 219.95
    • PCMCIA pager for $ 249.95
    • Cables for connecting to a computer and printer

    And a case for greater safety of the device:

    In 1995, the communicator got a competitor on the same OS - Motorola Envoy , also in the 95th year the next version of Sony MagicLink PIC-2000 was released, which already had an updated version of Magic Cap, the second PCMCIA slot, more memory, faster modem and screen backlight.

    Next few photos:



    Start screen


    Tools The

    operating system involved the active use of AT&T and America Online services

    Setting up a telephone connection

    Developer information

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