ASU Cast One - Smart Watch Projector Must Go On Sale In Summer

    The project was presented at CES-2016, and is positioned as the “smallest movie theater” on the wrist. Simply put, Cast One is a projector watch that can display any information on any surface: hand, wall, glass, asphalt, etc.

    Cast One is a project of ASU Technology , within the framework of which it is planned to bring to the market the “first smart watch-projector”. True, here the company is either cunning, or simply does not know about the high-profile story of the “quack” tracker Ritot , which never entered the market.

    Cast One allows you to instantly project images from 2 to 60 '' on almost any surface thanks to autofocus with a resolution of 1280 * 600 pixels. The model works on Android, and inside - the quad-core Qualcomm APQ8026, 1.2GHz, 768 RAM and 4GB ROM.

    Synchronization with the phone is carried out using Wi-fi, so that you can answer calls or messages using voice control. There are no additional fitness features for Cast One yet, but basic metrics such as distance, calories burned, have been added.

    The cost is $ 300. Official release .

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