Antitrust players decided to play in the "association"

    The Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service is shifting to the shoulders of Russians a rather sensitive issue: are there any signs of unfair competition in the above commercial? For this, a popular vote is posted on the FAS website .

    In the video from "Euroset" advertised another "flagship" among smartphones from the Korean company Samsung. The text read by Russian actress Oksana Akinshina contains words comparing this device with a certain “glitch of a fruit company” - naturally, in favor of a Samsung phone. The video appeared in the spring of last year .

    If, as a result, antitrust managers conclude that the “fruit company” is steadily associated with Apple, this video will be deemed to violateAdvertising Act .

    Euroset specializes in scandalous advertising. Using similar motives, the company made another commercial with Samsung products last year, where actor Maxim Vitorgan, as a demanding customer, shows a bitten apple to the audience and then throws it out to pick up a new Korean phone.

    Many will also recall the scandalous advertising technologies of Euroset using hints of obscene words: "Euroset - prices are just about ... bt", "Not ... to yourself, everything to people!". These slogans promoted communication stores in the 2000s - even at the time when the head of the company was Evgeny Chichvarkin , who now lives in London.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Does your fruit company have a strong association with Apple?

    • 56.2% causes 947
    • 14.8% does not cause 250
    • 21.6% let the FAS think they are paid 365
    • 7.1% I do not participate in online surveys 121

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