The official press conference on gravitational wave detectors: answers to all your questions this Thursday

    This Thursday, at 18.30 Moscow time, a press conference of the LIGO scientific collaboration will be held on progress in the detection of gravitational waves.

    A message appeared on the official page of the collaboration with details about the upcoming message. It is also planned to broadcast live on Youtube and on Google Hangouts, where you can ask scientists any questions and get detailed answers.

    The existence of gravitational waves was predicted by Einstein 100 years ago, and indirectly observed by Hals and Taylor while studying the dynamics of the pulsar PSR B1913 + 16(for which in 1993 the Nobel Prize was awarded). Direct observation of gravitational waves will not only be direct evidence of the General Theory of Relativity, but it will also open up opportunities for gravitational-wave astronomy: direct observation of the dynamics of systems of black holes, neutron stars and other objects inaccessible to modern astronomy.

    Updating the LIGO gravitational-wave detector last year increased its sensitivity by an order of magnitude, and scientists will announce the results of the first observation cycle, which ended before the new year, possibly shedding light on rumors of an already completed detection.

    Stay tuned!

    UPD There is a new link to a live broadcast from Washington.

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