Netflix has figured out how to make children go to bed early on New Year's Eve

    Netflix, a well-known video streaming service, has offered parents a high-tech way to put their young children to sleep on New Year's Eve without waiting for midnight. To do this, Netflix offers a choice of several videos that traditionally run on television at the last minute of the old year - the child will be able to see crackers, fireworks, fireworks and - most importantly - the numbers that portend the beginning of the New Year. Thus, he will come to absolute confidence that the holiday has already arrived, you can eat the last piece of the holiday cake and, since it is really very late, it's time to go to bed.

    There are several videos to choose from for parents: you can choose among those Netflix cartoon characters that your child likes. In general, the whole idea, of course, is designed for preschool children who are not yet understood in time, or are ready to be deceived by launching the video as many times as they want.

    Netflix actually solved a fairly common problem in this “dishonest” way. According to studies conducted by the company, approximately 58% of parents would like their child to go to bed before the countdown to the final minute of the old year begins. Now the company expects that about 41% of families are ready to use the fake New Year service and get the whole New Year’s night at their disposal.

    A little earlier at Netflix they proposed another “home” improvement in video viewing practices. These are special DIY socks , which can fix the position of the owner, determine whether he has fallen asleep and, depending on this, pause playback on the TV.

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