6 books that Bill Gates read in 2015 and recommends them to everyone


    In an interview with Tech Insider, Bill Gates talked about the 6 books of 2015 that impressed him. He himself reads at least 50 books a year, and popular editions on psychology, history and epidemiology are in his recommended selection. It is noticeable that the former head of Microsoft is most interested in the issues of psychology of both an individual person and a leader.

    “Explaining: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words (Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words)

    The author of the book, a former NASA employee, also known as XKCD comics, Randall Munroe describes all kinds of technologically sophisticated things, from a smartphone to a rocket, limiting itself to just 1,000 of the most common English words. Bill Gates, this idea seems brilliant, because "... if you can not explain something in simple words, then you really do not understand this."

    "Thinking» (Mindset)

    The author of the book, professor of psychology at Stanford University Carol S. Dweck (Carol S. Dweck) talks about the fact that human abilities are a product of his labor and perseverance, and not at all a consequence of some kind of genetic predisposition. The phenomenon of “fixed thinking”, when a person believes that his abilities are embedded in his DNA and do not change over time, do not allow him to look at himself from the side and, possibly, start to do something new.

    The Road to Character”

    The book by New York Times columnist David Brooks contains historical essays about the lives of people such as Duat Eisenhower, who, through internal struggles and their own limitations, went through a difficult formation of character and were able to receive well-deserved recognition in society.

    "Being Nixon"(To be Nixon)

    The book of Evan Thomas (Evan Thomas) about the life of the 37th President of the United States, his difficult character and activities in the highest public office.

    “Eradication: Can the World Forever Be Free from Diseases” (Eradication: Ridding the World of Diseases Forever?)

    The book by historian Nancy Leys Stepan tells the story of humanity’s victory over smallpox, which people were able to eradicate only in 1980 and which in the 20th century managed to kill 300 million people. So far, this complete victory over smallpox is the only one in the arsenal of mankind. Bill Gates himself is known for his fight against malaria in Africa. In addition, most recently, Mark Zuckerberg to the birth of his daughter Max wrotean open letter in which he promised to fight diseases and give to charity 99% of his Facebook shares.

    "Sustainable Materials" (Sustainable Materials with Both Eyes Open)

    A book by Cambridge scientists devoted to environmental issues and the five most common industrial materials in the world - steel, cement, paper, plastic and aluminum. The point is that it would be possible to drastically reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, if we approach the production of these materials more efficiently.

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