Warcraft Movie Trailer

    ... appeared on the network on Friday late Moscow time. The premiere took place at the Blizzcon Convention on November 6-7 .

    The film tells about the first meeting of people with orcs, or rather the events of the First War, in which the Horde invaded Azeroth and ravaged the Kingdom of Stormwind. The filmmakers will try to equally pay equal attention to both races, not providing one with the role of heroes and the other with villains. At the center of events will be the conflict between the Alliance in the person of Anduin Lothar and the Horde in the person of Durotan.

    The video has already caused controversial comments in connection with the striking mediocre quality of computer graphics. However, until May 25, 2016, when the premiere of the film takes place, more than six months is enough time to finish the schedule.

    The film is directed by Duncan Jones ("Moon 2112" and "Source Code").

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