Rope hook and hidden blade from the new Assassin's Creed: Syndicate


    The action of the new part of the Assassin's Creed: Syndicate franchise takes place in the Victorian era and one of the main characters named Jacob Fry uses, in addition to the already classic, hidden killer blade, a device with a hook and rope that allows him to move around like a nineteenth-century Batman, between buildings. But is it possible to create such a device in reality?

    This question was asked by Ubisoft PR specialists and turned to the inventor Colin Ferz with an order to create prototypes of devices used by the hero of their new game.

    If everything was clear for a long time with the hidden blade and its mechanism, the inventor had to work hard on the glove with the hook. Colin created a prototype device that contains a real hook, a rope to it and a can of carbon dioxide, which is used in the trigger mechanism of the hook. Also in the glove there is an automatic winch, which "pulls up" the owner of the hook after a shot.

    After creating the prototype, it became obvious that in reality it would be difficult to ride with it on the roofs: the glove turned out to be cumbersome, the winch is slow and the whole structure as a whole needs additional fasteners so as not to fall off the bat.

    Nevertheless, it is a living glove, conditionally, it works.

    Via cnet

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