Kibbi - the universal security system for the home

    Kibbi with sensors

    Another interesting project has appeared on Indiegogo - an advanced security system with capabilities that far exceed the capabilities of most similar systems. This system can be used to protect your apartment, and to work in a country house or office. Kibbi consists of two parts: a central hub with a large number of sensors and a wide-angle HD camera and sensors.

    There are a lot of sensors, and they are designed to fix the opening / closing of doors and windows, the movement of various objects (such as a TV) in space. Sensors can monitor vibration, temperature, and some other environmental characteristics. Kibbi sensors are not afraid of water, so they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

    How does it all work?

    In general, everything is standard here. If the data transmitted from the sensor to the main hub is somewhat different from the standard ones, the system gives a warning signal, which is sent to the user's mobile device.

    At the same time, the camera of the system immediately begins to work in order to give the user an idea of ​​what is happening. The video is broadcast in real time, plus it is recorded in the "cloud", where at any time the video files can be viewed again.

    If necessary, the user can turn on the device’s camera independently, if you want to see what is happening at home. In the cloud service you can save up to a gigabyte of data, which is enough to save a sufficiently long clip. If there is such a need, Kibbi can save video on a local drive (for example, an external drive).

    Turning Kibbi on and off is easy, while the developers have provided offline mode. To do this, a special application is installed on the smartphone, which tracks the user's location. If the Kibbi hub detects the removal of the smartphone with the application, the security mode automatically starts. If the hub detects the proximity of the smartphone with the application, the system turns off.

    Under the roof of my house : this mode is designed to track the number of people in the user's house or apartment. If necessary, Kibbi will notify how many people left the house and who entered it.

    Two-way communication : Kibbi can also be used as a system for teleconferencing. The device is equipped with a high-quality camera and an excellent speaker system.


    The device is compatible with a number of different devices.

    It is compatible with all popular mobile OSs:

    IFTTT Service

    Kibbi is compatible, among other things, with the IFTTT service (
    If This Then That). This service opens up great opportunities for connecting various events and building a chain of cause-effect.

    For example, if the Kibbi sensor detects movement, the smart lamp automatically turns on. Or if the ambient temperature drops below a certain level, the heating element is turned on.

    Here are just a few of the channels and devices IFTTT is currently working with:

    The system is self-learning, and is improving its algorithms over time.


    • Full HD camera with a wide viewing angle - 130 degrees;
    • Speaker
    • Microphone;
    • Bluetooth 4.0 module;
    • Wi-Fi module;
    • Backup battery - the system can work even when the electricity is turned off in the house;
    • Support for additional sensors.


    The system is really universal - and if some functions do not work out of the box, then you can configure additional features yourself. A huge plus is the ability to work from a backup battery - so you can be sure that Kibbi will work even when there is no light in the house.

    Well, you can pre-order Kibbi in the Russian Federation in the Medgadgets catalog.

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